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Is Downshifting Protection Realistic in Stock Car V8?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Wesley Soares, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. I mean, the real ones has this Downshift Protection? Sounds weird see this on sim.
  2. Yea it feels totally wrong. It doesn't match anymore how the real cars appear to be driven and before anyone says Niels also cnofirmed its how they're driven so this is hopefully an oversight. Its pretty bad in high gears and getting down to 4th from 5th is pretty unrealistic I think.
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  3. I sadly agree with you, Funk... i hope Reiza think about this...
  4. currently Reiza have been the most receptive devs in history so it will not fall on deaf ears.
  5. My stock cars shift exactly as expected and without problems. With auto clutch on you never have to touch the clutch. What/when exactly is yours not shifting when it should?
  6. ouvert


    I dont think i ever hit downshift protection in V8 stocks ... You are probably used to abuse gearboxes from past or other sims
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  7. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/setup-hints.32429/
    And they just updated AMS to confirm that yes neither myself nor Niels is a scrub who abuses unrealistic sim features.

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  8. ouvert


    I did test run and just like always no issues with down shifting than I load up replay from early days when AMS was released and it is the same .. you can downshift fast, abuse it, not really taking care about revs and not hitting protection at all .. So I`m probably missing something :)

    old replay:

    how much faster you wanna downshift? you can do it even faster without hitting protection
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  9. I think you're missing that they just did an update (v0.8.7) that affected downshift protection yesterday and then promptly issued a hotfix (v0.8.71) to correct an error in the updated downshift protection in the stock V8s.

    The issue is recent, as in less than 24 hours old.
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  10. ouvert


    oh ok .. I though you are talking about it being issue and them fixing it today..
    Also I`ve been driving 0.8.7 since march 24th and don`t recall having this issue...

    So it wasn`t an issue, then it was after 0.8.7 and now it is not again? :)
    Well they did changes to seq.gearboxes and fine tune protection in that update (0.8.7) perhaps I just didn`t notice it behaving strangely and if they fixed it today I can`t tell anymore .. good thing it is fixed .. sorry for misuderstanding
  11. What exactly did the fix (any of them) change? Basic shifting capability and behaviour (aggressive, race mode shifting) have not changed that some of us can tell? And please answer my question above--maybe we can replicate the problem.
  12. They made it so that StockV8s had downshift protection that prevented people from slamming the engine into the red and using the engine to help brake.

    If you never drove the car that way but instead a bit more reasonably and how you'd be expected to drive something like say a GT3 then you probably wouldn't have noticed it. Not that it matters its been fixed already.
  13. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Just wondering, but am I correct to assume they removed it? Or has it just been adjusted? I drove the stockv8 today and purposely tried to abuse it and never noticed any sort of interruption or downshift protection. I was able to downshift from fourth to third already starting around redline. So I am just curious.
  14. I'm a fan of the downshift protection as-long as it's done correctly/realistically.

    It seems like exploiting the engine revs under downshifts in RF2, SCE, AMS, etc. has too much of an effect on braking times/distances relative to real-life and it's VERY frustrating when you're trying so much against someone online and you see he is totally exploiting the hell out of this. Then you're forced to resort to do the same if you want to be able to compete closer to him. The affect in-game seems too strong/helpful.
  15. Yep, in our recent league we used a fuel limit. You can run about 65 minutes with a full tank and you can't refuel (race is 60 minutes + 1 lap) so abusing the revs during a race could affect you in the end, engines also have a 2 hours life time but only have an effect if we race for 2 hours of course.
    That still does not stop people from abusing the revs because if we had a full course yellow during the race you didn't have to save fuel anymore.
    I'm all for downshift protection I hope it will be possible to use it in mods too
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  16. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    There's no such thing as downshift protection, as such, in the real life V8 supercars, they use a rev limiter that blows off @7,500rpm, that's what you hear when their on the grid just prior to the green light and their sitting on the rev limit.
    Maybe some sim drivers need to learn engine/revs management so they don't damage the motor, personally Id rather see this protection function dropped from cars that don't have it in real life, if you over rev to often you will eventually detonate/kill the motor. It's all about race craft and knowing the limits of the cars components, so abusing it is not smart
    Introducing fantasy functions just takes away from the simulation of racing, and isn't that what we are all looking for, the simulation of our favorite race series or cars.
    By the way I'm an Aussie, and have followed V8's for 25yrs
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  17. It's important to distinguish between the Brazilian V8 Stock Cars and the "Australian" SuperV8 (or whatever it's called in AMS), as these have different transmissions as per the real cars. The SuperV8s in AMS have sequential manual transmission and don't have downshift protection per se. What can happen is that the revs might be too high and the gear fails to engage, however that is not due to any electronic system preventing you from downshifting.
    The Brazilian Stock Cars don't have a manual sequential transmission anymore (since 2014, I think) and are actually paddle shifted as opposed to using a lever of some sort, and are actually some kind of semi-automatic transmission and do have downshift protection. Reiza has acknowledged that the downshift protection level might be a bit too much at the moment, and they are working on tweaking it. Afaik that hasn't been done it, but they are on it and indeed have received feedback from actual drivers of the Brazilian Stock Car Series.