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Is anyone getting 60fps?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by jibawakee, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. it seems like nobody is getting 60 fps which was so easily attainable in other f1 games.
  2. Hrc


    i m getting on gtx 970
  3. Its funny cause some people are getting 20 fps with your range of graphics card meanwhile i have a GT640 and able to get an average of 35 fps
  4. I'm getting it too
  5. What is your graphics card?
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    2 x AMD HD 7970's in crossfire.

    Only using one card ATM as crossfire isn't supported by this game. You can force it, but there doesn't seem much to gain apart from noise and heat, it doesn't scale very well.

    I am getting 60 fps+
  7. I'm getting average 95 fps with a GTX 970, OC a bit though, on ultra settings. Well average 95 fps on the benchamrk test.

    Actual game is probably more in the 70-80 fps area
  8. sapphire-r9-270x-2gb-gddr5-oc-dual-x-boost

    All settings on high
  9. jimortality


    60fps with vsync
  10. 60fps+ with gtx 670 here.
  11. I'm getting great fps with Asus r9 270x OC. around 70-90 on ultra. However some tracks when you go past the grand stands on the straights it drops to around 50.. which is not great. something is probably not optimised with the crowd.
  12. I get 60 fps with graphics set to ultra with a 770.
  13. 45-58 FPS on high, no AA (TAA blurrrr ... and MSAA does not get forced through CCC ...)
    965BE 3.7Ghz / R9 270X
    So 2015 vanilla = 2013/14 full HD modded when it comes to FPS atm
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    No, because its :poop:
  15. R9 380, everything is maxed out: 60 fps stable as rock.
  16. I just started the game after today's patch and performance is in shambles .
    Let's hope they will quickly address the issue because if the game run's below even 60 is not an enjoyable expirience
    Yesterday i was averaging over 120 fps at all times.
    Right now during races the dps dips to 38 which is insane .
    I'm not happy about the performance as things stand .
    Even when dropping the game to ultra low without any AA etc,i barely hit the low 90s .
  17. GTX 980 Ti here and if I wasn't getting at least 120 FPS I would have gotten a refund.
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  18. well i get with the gt 730 OC about 30-55 FPS (its not a gamer card..so iam happy with the amount of fps)
  19. Any idea why the benchmark has like 15-20 fps more than when you're actually playing the game? Why even have it if it's not representative of the actual gameplay.