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IS AI Too Fast?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by harsharip, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. In Quali its ok but in every race there will be a pack of 10 cars following me all the time and AI in front will go faster by 1Sec per sector.Iam good in Quali but in race just tough.

    And in race my engine will fimues of smoke after 5-6 laps Iam I loosing power.
    Iam playing in pro duffculty
  2. Which car you are driving for??
    Also if your slower than AI it can due to two things most of time
    Either you are going for Qualification setup which can give you good grid position but compromises your race position or you just don't have enough practice on the track to go quick.
    About your Engine i think you are probably using Engine Breaking and not breaking Properly. Try to hit the break first and then shift the gears down.
  3. How can I setup for race and quali differently
  4. What is race setup and qualifing setup
  5. Iam using auto gears not manual?
  6. You're with all the patches? You shouldn't get smoke after all the patches. They removed it. We cannot support people with cracked games.

    But the problem is in you. Setup or I don't know, but the AI has around the same race pace and Q pace. If you can outQ them you should be able to outrace them too. Maybe it's tyre wear problem or just the engine. Look at some real life flying laps. They never go up to 10-12k RPM when downshifting ON the downshifts. So you should do that to. And not try to reach 30k RPM on deceleration. :D
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  7. You need to find a Compromise between those two.
    I generally use the setup's posted in this site.
    so better check for the setup's for the track you are racing.
    Then try it in practice to see how you are going in both short and Long runs. if it doesn't suit your style then you need find another.
  8. I now purchased the original F12012 PC.
    It may take a week to reach me.Before I was on Patch 1 only.
    So after all patches can I expect the engine wear bug and AI race pace to come down to realistic level???
  9. Sure that was fixed in Patch 2 or 3.
    Also RD never entertains Pirated Users.
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  10. Hey how is the AI pace in WET quali and race??after patches 12
  11. Not too bad and Not too good
    but it depends on you how you drive and Fight against them
  12. Their pace is around the same on wet and dry compared to yours.

    Also for the setups, you should make a setup that's not all speedy-greedy but more tyre wear efficient and good with lots of fuel too. Sometimes the best Q setup can be with more understeer, but that may be terrible for your long run because of the tyre wear and fuel. You'll be able to setup your car after some time. Just play with the settings. (After you get the 12th patch).
  13. So you were a pirate then? Have you sought forgiveness?
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  14. Iam not a rich person like You SIR Sorry.
    I have purchased a new Genuine copy now
  15. We both have names .My name is Harsha Vardhan.
    And I am from INDIA.
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  16. What is RACENET by the way
  17. From Where did you ordered the game??
    Race net is the Time trail scenario which CM updates at times.
    You will know about it once the game was Activated in steam
  18. From ebay.in store
  19. Where are u from ?
    Iam from Hosur,near Bangalore.