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Is AC worth buying?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Richie Hill, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently deciding if I should buy AC.

    I became interested after seeing mods for both F1 and GP2. ChargingCar is still making models for these seasons and thinks the community will produce skins.

    I'm looking for advice, basically to know if AC is for me.

    Are full season F1 mods likely in the future? For example are F1 tracks likely to be made etc.

    I have read about issues with racing, is this a game where I can race or is it just about hotlapping?

    I have also read little about the ai, if it's possible to race, what are the ai like?

  2. Yes you can race, although this is without most kind of race 'conditions' like formation lap, flags, proper penalty's, pitstop, damage (will be added), weather and day/night. What this means atm is that you can do shorter, basic races for now, however long races that rely on tyre changes and such aren't possible yet. this also means league racing is still on hold.

    In my opinion if you like racing games and especially good physics/handling, just go for it! Compared to the competition AC is fairly cheap and the product is still in development, also the product will be supported for 5 years after release so will be improved a lot.

    Now for some bad news. You stated the 2014 mod being worked on, however since yesterday the arguments within the team became to large and after the team leaving, now chargingcar also stated he won't be continuing the 2014 mod. On the AC forum the topic is closed now. However i'm fairly sure some modding group will eventually make a mod like this. Also the ctdp 2005 mod is being converted which is way more exciting to me. :)

    As for tracks, the community is already very active and since AC isn't even V1 yet, this will probably grow some more. So you can probably expect more good quality F1 tracks, although this isn't guaranteed ofcourse.
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  3. I am quite new in the sim racing community but I will give you my 0.2 cents on this anyway :pp

    AC is my favorite overall (graphics/physics/content).. I tried RF2, Iracing, RF1, GTR2 for now. I'd like to try project cars as well but it is impossible right now.

    Just the F40 is worst the price ihmo .

    But depends of what you are after, because there is a pretty big downside to it : it is not released yet and this early access is lasting long, so long that i start to worry...

    Kunos sucks at communication and they are basically teasing for this game since 2012.... And so many things are not there, and so much of the "new content" is not so new.... It is starting to smell bad !
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  4. ouvert


    F1mods: mods are supported so it depends on comunity .. I would say that F1 is highly possible

    Racing: you can race, but so far you have only quick races and race weekends (practice,qualy,race) .. no championships in SP ... and challenges (do that time in that car on that track, etc) .. also no pits, damage, flag rules and other part of racing .. pretty much just you+AI/other players on the same track at the same time :)

    AI: is there, is still in development, not super bad, not super good .. to say it in diplomatic way :)

    As if you should buy it: yes .. but if you are not super excited about it, I would wait for another sale (last week it was 50% off) cause even on 1.0 release (shouldn`t be too far away but who really knows?) it probably won`t be "the full package" you might be expecting

    For me it is fun when I`m driving (usually just hotlaping), but I have to "force" my self to start the game :)
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  5. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Have you tried game stock car extreme? if your a fan of formula cars there's lots of different cars to try in GSCE.
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  6. If i not remember wrongly the game actually schedule to go v1.0 after v0.9 (from v0.1 & update once per 2 weeks so after 6 months should come to v1.0) but now the version is actually 0.22.8 so it should be safe enough to say this game has the huge potential which might go until 0.99.9 version before it finally come out a full release so its nothing wrong if you buy it now but prepare to wait for a very very long time before you finally get the v1.0.

    Also beware this is a very quiet or even boring game to some players who expect a game like Grid Autosport where your engineer will talk to you or hear some intense music or crowd cheer for you when you finally get to 1st pos then sorry this game no such thing.

    Must remember this is an WIP product, so what you have right now might actually wont going to include in the final version or what you dont have might actually include in the final version.

    In short its mean: Buy at your own risk
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2014
  7. yes.....buy it.....it will be the next up and coming .
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  8. No @LazyBug. The game was never scheduled to go 1.0 after 0.9. This was just an incorrect assumption by the users.

    Back on topic: if you're an F1 fan, you will be disappointed. The suspension isn't even moving up or down, it's almost static.
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  9. @seanvdburg you can disagree all you want. Try rFactor 2 and Formula ISI if you want to feel how suspension really should feel - you know, so you can make an informed opinion. Your disagree will not alter the facts. ;)
  10. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I would hesitate to advise any one not to buy AC as it's a wonderful game, but for good openwheeler action then I would like Marc Beswick definitely recommend Game Stock Car Extreme.
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  11. I did try RF2 at a friend of mine, and its not bad.
    But I can see the suspension working very well in the T125 at least, have you driven F1 cars? How do you know the Formula ISI is realistic? Assetto Corsa's GP2 mod is actually built with input from a GP2 test driver, and the Force Feedback feels natural and direct when properly set up.
  12. Truth is @seanvdburg
    Now AC didn't have the proper suspension setup ,but good thing is It is still developing so we can pin on its hopes. But if any one wants a Proper OW racing right now i suggest GSCE or RF2 , Once AC is getting unlocked to its max potential then i will suggest AC only.
  13. Yeah "good thing is it is still under developing so we can dream" .. but is the v1.0 will definitely so much better than GSCE or other games ?? I dont really think so.

    Just dont forget GSCE people also work hard & smart as well and consider AC use to take soOooO long time to improve something then after one year when they announce the game finally improve everything by x1 but GSCE or other game might already improve by at least x2.

    But yeah again since its still under develop lets just dream first .. for now :coffee:
  14. I downloaded GSCE and didn't see any cars except a couple of stock car jokes, so I uninstalled it. Do you have to unlock the open-wheel cars by winning a bunch of races in the stock cars, or something silly like that?
  15. [​IMG]
    Hope it help.
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  16. Turk


    It's the best driving game out there, just driving the cars is fun. The official content is top class, the cars kunos make and the laser scanned tracks are amazing. The modded content ranges from mediocre to great but the detail the official content goes into means there's an obvious difference between official and modded, that's just down to the resources kunos has and the laser scanning.

    You can do races, it's just mostly restricted to simple sprint races, you don't get flags, the penalty system is crude but outside of that you can still have exciting races, you just can't pit stop.

    It;s some of the best money I've spent on a game, I have 300 hours put in compared to 30 max in any other game I've played. I think any person that's into sim racing is going to want this sooner or later so why not get it while it's cheap?
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  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    I can't believe how may times this has been brought up... very easy to see (buttons) once you know they're there but overlooked by many on their first go.
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  18. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Why must we essentially form alliances for games?
    This one of the bad things about the simracing community, everyone is so passionate about a particular game they enjoy the most, so every other game, as a result; is worse.

    All of the pure simulator games these days (Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rFactor 1 & 2, and GSCE) are fantastically realistic, and sure they all have their differences, but it's no use (pardon the expression) getting your knickers in a knot over it.

    Just buy them all, and enjoy them all.
    You can do it here at our RD Store for low low prices! (Shameless plug, I know :D)

    But to answer the OP's question, yes, yes it is absolutely worth the highway-robbery price of €35 here at RD, or 39.99 USD on Steam.
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  19. Yes you really "should" get it ;)
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  20. GSCE is a more accomplished product right now, it's there, ready for you to race in a number of disciplines/car types.

    AC is still in development, it has a good chance to get there given it's early popularity (like Rfactor 1 back in the day), it has a more advanced engine (not only the graphics, also physics related stuff that the old ISImotor didn't include like turbos), laser scanned tracks, state of the art stuff.

    The biggest difference right now is that AC puts a bit more emphasis in the driving experience than racing at this point, while GSCE have plenty of "generic" cars ready to race, AC features a bunch of real world super cars (and hyper cars shortly) which are maybe a bit difficult to "match" and race against each other, but are there for you to experience what it's like driving them.

    To AC or not to AC? To AC ;)
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