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is 5ms response good enough for sim racing

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Glen Orpheus, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. The problems with looking at a monitors response time are many, there are several ways to measure it (black to black vs grey to grey for instance), not all brands are honest about their response time and so on. Response time is also just a matter of how fast pixels respond to going between states (on/off), it tells you nothing about the input lag on said monitor, so you may have a 2ms response time monitor with 25sec input lag due to crappy onboard electronics and that will be a bigger issue than a 8ms monitor with less than 16ms input lag.

    Most brands don't specify input lag either sadly.
    I run this monitor:
    It has a 8ms grey to grey response time, but more importantly it has a input lag of 17ms, that means that my monitor will at best be 1 frame behind my computer due to lag in its electronics. 16ms or lower is recommended for pro gamers and twitch gaming like FPSes etc.
    I honestly don't notice it though, I'm enjoying my monitor as much and even more than my old and faster monitor due to the screen size. Others may be more suceptible to input lag though.

    So bottom line, my advice would be buying it from somewhere you will be allowed to return it if you are unhappy with the result.

    Edit: Ohh here's a review of my monitor where I found the input lag measurment:
    Sadly they don't seem to have tested the monitor you specifically asked about so you're on your own on that :p
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  2. 5ms is plenty fast enough for sim racing and you shouldn't notice any blurring. The only way you would see a difference between 1-2ms and a 5ms monitor is if you had them side by side. 1-2ms monitors exist for competitive first person shooter players that need as much clarity as possible during fast movement.
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  3. looks like the same monitor as what i have chosen, just slightly different model numbers, mine has QLB at the end and yours has just the Q, can't seem to find out what the difference is yet.....the search continues :)
  4. maybe it something with led backlight
    but I'm not sure
  5. just found out, its just a swivel and tilt stand....OMG thanx for bringing those other ones to light, as I'm going to Vesa mounting them i have no need for this very expensive addition.

    Pheeeeeeeweeeee :sneaky:
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  6. haha lol, that would really have been a wast of money Glen :roflmao:
    which monitor stand do you have in mind to mount them on?
  7. it's gotta be this one, sturdy as a rock :)
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  9. they have a 5ms response time Tony ;)
  10. yup that's what I read as well
    but glad to hear they rock!! :x3:
  11. The latest ones Asus VS278H
    I have are 1ms response time.
    The VN is 5ms
    The VS is 1ms
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  12. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I know I will be shot for saying this but......

    I am using a full HD 40inch Smart TV as my main screen, and I sim race all day just fine on it ;)
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  13. I won't shoot you Mark, the obsession with low latency monitors is a bit out of hand these days. Its just another clever marketing trick to make people think they NEED it. I have a Dell 30" monitor which I think is 7ms GtG, and I also have a 67" DLP TV which I don't even know what the latency is on it but I can't see any noticeable latency differences between them when playing.
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  14. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    The only time I could see the need for such equipment is if you were a hardcore FPS player who did competitive play, even then I would love to see it "technically" proved, just my imagination grabbing hold of me and me trying to justify why I always get shot so much in BF4 :D, it's the latency I tell you, i'm awesome really lol
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  15. If you suffer from input lag syndrome (ILS; and yes, I plan on proving this is a 'condition' someday) you will want the 1ms monitor for peace of mind, if nothing else....If you aren't bothered by input lag or even notice it 5ms is just as good, and a big screen LED or LCD tv will work just as well.
  16. Perfectly good excuse, mine is that everybody else is playing an OP class with an OP weapon, except for when I play that class then I swear to god EA shuffles the balance to some other class (and weapon).
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  17. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    For me so far the biggest input lag comes from games itselft. In gmotor engine based games it if fine, but in something like the new WRC titles the input lag from game side is soo big, that no monitor can fix it.
    I have no idea what latency my monitor has, but it should be relatively low. I can tell the diffrence between 15ms and 10ms in audio latency (analog/digital converted and processing), but with gmotor games I can really feel zero input lag.

    With AC I had some horrible input lag first, but after some adjustments I could reduce it to virtually zero, which is great, because I can't stand input lag in racing games it's horrible.

    Nice just checked it my 6 year old 24" LCD has 5ms input lag, which seems good enough for my eyes at least :)
  18. @Blkout Same here. It wouldn't a Samsung 67A750 LED DLP set would it? It's what I have and the set is fantastic for gaming and 3D gaming too.