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is 11/11 wings magical?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by aceraspire4743, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. ive been using 11/11 wings since malaysia in my career (im now in turkey), and since then i have won every race, and for practice 2 in turkey i was 1.2 secs ahead of the nearest guy, all this on expert in the williams. just wondering if 11/11 is the best wings setup that can be used for every race?
  2. Nope it's not magic anymore and yes it's good on new tyres but when it comes to long races with lots of fuel and worn tyres it's a nightmare. Too much understeer and locked tyres. Of it's how it works for me.
  3. both race wins were 50%, and i wasnt really locking up and understeering that much on worn tyres. unless u r referring to 100% races?
  4. 75-100 and I'm talking from my point of view and I have a strange driving style. Even in 50% I don't use 11/11 cause I don't like the car to be that hard and softer car works better with tyres.
  5. Just install Patch 2.
  6. He is talking about wings not springs
  7. It looks like I'm still buzzed :D
  8. dda


    not sure 11/11 is always best but theres definitely something funny with the wings

    reading the set up guides id put low wings on some high speed tracks and it just doesnt work, you can make up so much time on corners and braking with higher wings i never really have them lower than 8/8 now
  9. IMHO 11/11 wings are undriveable as there are some disbalance how aero works in F1 2011. 8/11 or 9/11 are fine and fast almost everywhere (Monza and Spa are most obvious exceptions). Some tracks even require 6/11.
  10. Ok. Then I can't confirm what he says.
  11. Having 11/11 wings will of course give the car the maximum aero grip so there are big advantages in cornering from this. However, your max speed will suffer massively on straights. Thus you have a balancing act to do between cornering speed/straight line speed. On tracks like Monza it would be better to sacrifice aero to have max speed on the straights. On tracks like Monaco it's better to sacrifice speed so that you have the most grip. On tracks like Spa you'll have to compromise somewhere.

    During setup the goal should always be to use only the minimum amount of aero needed. To do this, the adjustment of springs and ARB should be done with wings set at 1/1 (or 3/3 for a higher downforce track). You should try to cure understeer or oversteer (balance) issues as much as you can with the springs and ARB before you even touch the wings.

    Whatever small imbalances you have when you do get to the wings this will tell you the ratio of front to rear wing (eg. use more 1 or 2 more clicks rear wing if you still have oversteer). At this point you should be consistent enough on track to be able to determine if more wing (at the same ratios) will reduce laptimes or not.
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  12. but in malaysia and china there are also some pretty long straights and im still doing really well with 11/11...
  13. will try 8/11 9/11 but actually im quite comfortable with 11/11 a difference in driving style perhaps?
  14. about patch 2 is it advisable to install it? cuz although it fixes the 11/11 spring bug ive read everywhere that it screws up many other stuff
  15. Malaysia and China are difficult tracks to do setups for. They both have a mixture of slow corners, medium corners and loooooong straight; there isn`t a clear direction you need to take with the setup. What is probably happening is the 11/11 wings are helping you with the medium speed corners a lot. With less wing you will need better throttle control and better mechanical grip (from your setup) to reduce the amount of speed you're sacrificing through those medium speed corners.

    What you will be gaining is straight line speed. At Malaysia you will be able to get alongside your opponents on the back straight and then beat them in the braking zone for the last hairpin. The same goes for the front straight. At China, much the same applies to the back straight and the following hairpin. I find it easier to pass in these situations than in the medium speed corners so if you can stay with your opponents through those sections you will have an advantage on the straight!
    I found patch 1 introduced some issues with FFB and grip, patch 2 resolved these issues. I haven't noticed any drawbacks to using patch 2, I would recommend using it.

    btw, you can add multiple quotes to the same post, this will keep the mods happy :)
  16. thanks for your advice, both for the patch and the multiple quotes thing! :D
  17. only track i use 11 wings is Monaco :p
  18. 11 yes but only rear. Front usually goes for 7,8 or 9. Of course this isn't the best for every track. In Canada for example I use 7/11 in Q but 5/7 in race and it's the same at Spa.