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irohazaka 2 Nikko Mt Pass With Future Irohazaka 1 Add On 1.0

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by AleDriving, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. AleDriving


    Irohazaka 2 Nikko Mt Pass With Future Irohazaka 1 Add On 1.0
    THE ARCHIVE IS 356MB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a big project that i have decided to start trying to help my buddy antuduson that made Akagi, everything is made from scratch in BTB all material except the terrain on Ihroa 2 is made by Antu i just used it with permission, although he did start hes own ihroa 1 i decided to make my version also of 1 and add it to ihroa 2, the route of ihroa 1 was also made by me but the textures will be used from his ihroa since there very good,as of now im close to be done with ihroa 2 routs and ones done that half i will release version 1.0 , future version will include more detail and more upgrades.