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Apparel Irish/United Kingdom Helmet 1.0

Made upon request.........again ;)

  1. fantastic, just what i wanted and more!!! :D
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  2. No prob, sorry I've forgotten, are you the one who asked for it...!!! Bad memory, sorry!
  3. Any other requests let me know ;) I like challenges... It's the only way to get better....
  4. 2069 on 2096 ?.... texture is poor... very low quality
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  5. That is the quality I was told to do.... Next one will be HD then..... *sighs*
  6. Everyone is still greatful of you doing the requests though mate. Keep up the great work :thumbsup:
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  7. Hehe, I'm grateful to have the request, I can feel myself getting better, slowly but surely ;)
  8. its not a question of HD or not.........im talking about quality, NOT resolution, even tough they r both wrong..

  9. What is your def. of quality??
  10. first of all, use the pen tool or something simulair, your lines are complteely shattered/pixelated,...comon, u must know what im saying....secondly ... create your files by the power of 2, like 1024/1024---2048/2048 and NOT 2096/2096
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  11. Help eachother out and point eachother in the right direction and together you guys can provide us with some awesome mods :)
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  12. Okedoke, how would the power of two thing affect it?
  13. affect what?, could get in troubles when going online, altough im not sure, but its just the way its done... 512/1024/2048/4096 and so on... the larger u get the more quality u will get on larger resolutions.. the one u have now 2096 could even be better in 512/512, lines need to be crispy...not pixelated or all eddgy..
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  14. Off to play the game now ;) Thanks for the feedback!
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  15. chianamik

    Premium Member

    photofiltre?.... .-))))))
  16. yep :)

  17. No, couldn't get the dds plugin!!
  18. could you make a hungarian helmet?
  19. Ok, my list of "to-do" jobs is as so:

    1) Chillean Helmet
    2) Portugeuse Helmet
    3) Hungarian Helmet

    I'll work as fast as I can, but expect it to be up to a week to be finished!!!