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WIP IRC Monte-Carlo 2011

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Rubinhofan, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Every year I get impressed by the IRC Monte-Carlo event, so I decided to start with the stages.
    I want to create every stage with zaxxon method and I will upload the project files here. Hopefully, there are some people out there who want to help with the trackside objects(trees, fences, houses etc..). :)


    SS1: Le Moulinon - Antraiques, 36.87 km
    SS2: Burzet - St. Martial, 41.06 km
    SS3/SS4: St. Bonnet Le Froid - St. Bonnet Le Froid, 25.22 km
    SS5/SS7: St. Jean en Royans - Font d`Urle, 23.05 km
    SS6/SS8: Cimetiere de Vassieux - Col de Gaudissart, 24.13 km
    SS9: Montauban sur l`Ouvèze - Eygalayes, 29.89 km
    SS10/SS12: Moulinet - La Bollène Vésubie, 23.41 km
    SS11/SS13: Lantosque - Lucéram, 18.81 km
  2. this looks tasty indeed..

    Is it easy enough to map a texture like that in btb? or is that all done after export to max.
    Ive not messed much with exporting stuff out to max yet.. but if its possible to get a proper texture like that over the whole of a terrain, or sections of.. would be great.. btb`s blending is good, but ull never achive anything like thoses screen shots.. I saw another wip here also using the same method.

    looking forward to your final track
  3. I did nothing with 3DsMax. The zaxxon method makes it for you, the background satellite images too. You can use SASPlanet to get them. I´ve uploaded the project files of the last stage.
  4. thanks :).. so much to learn, so little hours in the day.

    best of luck with your project.. cant wait to try it