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Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Wtf is wrong with the guys once you get in the higher splits? I have worked my ass off today to get my iRating where it is and 2 of them races i have been wrecked by idiots. One guy literarlly see a small gap stuck his car there and refused to budge and literally drove over me. Just then now in that race i just had, really impatient people who make stupidly ambitious moves and again i'm wiped out. Getting really tired off this now
  2. You really have to be careful in judging the people that you can race close with. If I feel like the other driver is careless and wreckless then I will let them go, 90% of the time I pass them on the side of the road, usually with the guy that tried to race with him.
  3. Lee, I am not by any means a fast driver. I have learned though, that half the time when you think it is the other driver, it is you too. Part of racing is anticipation. It took me a long time to figure out how to drive around certain people and what to expect. It is kind of hard to explain in a way.

    iRacing is especially difficult as you usually don't know the people you are racing with unlike on RD and the like. After 200 races on R2P, i new pretty much exactly what to expect from every driver in certain circumstances.
  4. What serie was that?
    I usually never have any problem in top splits... Whether in MX5, Skip or more recently, in the mustang (ThoughI only did one race in the stang for now.)
  5. Skippys mate. Evan i know what your saying but i class myself as a clean driver and would never just make a dive because it opens up slightly but these guys tonight were just stupid and completely wrecked both my races. It was like driving rookie class again tbh. To balance that though i have had 5 or 6 other great races. Was hoping to get my iRating to 2000+ today and had i not been wiped out i would of. I was at 1900+ something before them.

    Seriously this guy see an inch room and he just went for it just barged staright through and i literally see his tyre go over my tyre! I'm all for close racing, infact i love close racing and even rubbing paints but if you can not make a clean pass then you should not be going for it
  6. Yeah, it happens...
    Always sucks when it does.
    I know I also tend to be impatient and "go for it", especially when I start from the back (Cf: when I hit someone else at Laguna last week end).
    Also don't forget the skip is a lot more fragile than any other car, rubbing does not help it :)
  7. Gotta say it's pretty rare in the top splits in my experience.

    I've had 82 races at iRacing and only had to retire once due to someone making an over ambitious silly move and wrecking me.

    Just because you wouldn't make a silly dive (and I'd like to think I dont either) doesn't mean others wont. I can recognise over ambitious drivers pretty quickly and I'll just give them room to do it. I usually end up passing them a few laps later when they take themselves out or hit someone else.
  8. I've had that happen to me a few times. Just as an example in the Star Mazda race I was in today, I started 4th and going into turn one the guy in front of me slammed on the brakes and in turn I did as well but not as hard. I softly tapped him and didn't get any charges for it and went on our way and I was ran over from behind. The guy seriously went over me...lol... Luckly nothing happened to my car and away I went. for the first 18 laps there were at least 2 spun cars per lap, and finally I got lose on the hill and was about to save it and wamo I got slammed into. What I honestly think is going on here is that there are alot more people online during the weekend including "kids"... The not so great, cautious, caring, or whatever you wish to call them are out...lol

    I have learned pretty fast to watch what people do, and if they are acting a bit off I'll let them by. Like the others have said here you will usually pass them on the side of the road. What I don't like is if you are following a single car, two, or three they think by doing whatever comes to mind first to get around you and they end up taking all of you out... No common sense is a big factor there.
  9. New day, fresh start and clean racing and finish 3rd in a tight race. This is when i love iRacing. Just annoys me days like yesterday when i lose loads of SR due to others and get bad race positions to my name. I know if i can start near the front i can normally just get in the zone and go. Had my first stang race last night and really enjoyed that and then the race today after being awake for like 30 mins i lost it and binned it. My misses seems to think i'm addicted...LOL

    And Joe LOL, that is exactly what happened to me, the guy literally drove over me.
  10. Yea some people are seriously quick but missed the racecraft class..
    Some people stay in the slipstream and just before the braking zone they move out and basically divebombs you on the inside and in most of the cases runs wide which means i run wide.

    I consider myself a clean but aggressive driver. I will not give up a position just like that, you have to earn it lol. trading paint is part of the game with tintops but as long as you keep it safe it only adds to the racing imo.
    I don´t care so much about winning, i bought this game to experience some hardcore battles with people :)

    Just wished we had WTCC cars, those are ment for close racing trading paint stuff :)
  11. mx5 at limerock last night (not fixed setup this week btw, and 2.7 isnt enough gas....) i got spun and crashed (had to get a tow) lapping a car on the straightaway b4 the last turn..... i was in third on lap 10 of 25 i think. he was new, and got nervous.. (like im an old hat, only been on a week.
    it was great till that point though...
  12. Yea Anthony, it's always fun up until about 5 seconds before the tears, lol.
  13. I'm busy messing up my SR all by myself at the moment. Can drive clean with other cars then go off stupidly on my own. My heart really isn't in my racing at the moment, but iRacing is now my only source of online racing. My new shift at work has removed me from racing at RD now:bad:.

    Most annoying though is I'm doing much better on the ovals and they're of little interest to me. I could easily move to the next licence this season if I wanted to buy a D class car and run some races, but I'm not an oval racer :(.

    I think I'm just going to have to get used to racing offline as I really can't afford to keep iRacing going when I'm getting bored of the base package already. I was looking at doing the MX-5 vs Jetta season, but I'd have to purchase atleast 5 tracks and the Jetta to complete the 8 week requirement :(. It only comes to £42, but as I'm going to lose £100 a month thanks to my wages going down, then it's a no go for me.
  14. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    I was in the very top split for grand-am yesterday evening, 3000+ average iRating. It was officially the least fair race that I have ever seen, there was no respect across the classes, none within them... It was ridiculous. I may as well let the iRating drop if thats the case.
  15. ouch... is that normal Oscar?
  16. Problem with the irating and safety rating is that people drive like they are real world race drivers only there are these problems.

    1. Most drivers drive like they are real race car drivers but are not that skilled, when a situation arises they are not in full control to deal with it, divebombing is a perfectly normal way of overtaking in the real world, but takes great skill and is often a big leap of faith.
    2. iRacing is much harsher on contact than the real world, small bumps will result in wiping out more often than not,
    3. Being a game you don't have the same sense of vision or sense of depth/distance and speed that you have in the real world
    4. At higher irating the stakes in terms of irating for wins is higher, people are more competitive and in the heat of the moment will make decisions in order to win, this is part of racing and people cannot be blamed for this, it is iRacing as a sim that makes it hard on these situations as even the slightest rub can result in a big accident, something that to be fair; in the real world happens quite often without consiquence.

    Personally i think these problems could be fixed if the cars werent so fragile under contact, though the same could be said for the opposite as it could encourage more reckless driving and result in making the experience worse, see GT5 online racing for a perfect example ^^. Not an easy issue to fix.
  17. I just wish damages were realistic...
    A good bump in an MX5 bumper does not destroy the steering of the car.
  18. Agreed Flavien--it works the other way too...I put my cup car head on in the barrier at the top of the chicane sweeper at Lime Rock last week during the league race and finished the race without pitting. The steering was a bit off but still drivable!!