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Featured iRacing to Build Williams Grove Speedway and New Imola Previews

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    iRacing Imola.jpg
    iRacing.com have been very busy recently following the announcement of a new dirt element coming to the game and now news of two very different circuits in production in the shape of the former Grand Prix venue the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola) and clay track favourite Williams Grove Speedway.

    With iRacing hosting a wide variety of online events each day on a variety of top tier laserscanned circuits its perhaps inevitable that the legendary Imola in San Marino should make an appearance at some stage. Now the team over at iRacing have confirmed that June's update to the sim will see the northern Italian based track make its iRacing debut.

    Popular and well know for its time on the Formula One calendar Imola is perhaps best known as the circuit where 4 time Formula One World Champion and Brazilian racing hero Ayrton Senna lost his life during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at the wheel of his Williams Renault FW16 while leading what would be his last race of his life. The tragedy of that Imola weekend was compounded by the death of fellow Grand Prix driver Roland Ratzenberger during Friday's free practice session as well as the horrific accident befalling young Jordan driver (and sometime Automobilista player) Brazilian Rubens Barrichello.

    Despite the tragedy's that befell Formula One that fateful weekend in May 1994 Imola continues to be a hugely popular venue and challenging circuit for drivers the world over.

    iRacing are rumoured to have secured the licence for Imola all the way back in 2013 and judging by the images in this article it appears that development is well advanced prior to June's proposed release.

    iRacing Imola 2.jpg

    iRacing Imola.jpg

    On a very different side of the racing world iRacing have also announced rights to begin building Williams Grove Speedway, a central Pennsylvania based clay oval destined to be enjoyed using some of the simulators newly announced dirt content heading to the sim in the coming months.

    Hosting events such as the USAC National Championship in the 1950s all the way up to the modern National Open racers "the Grove" is a popular and historic event in American dirt track racing circles.

    Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for iRacing.com had the following to say on the Williams Grove Speedway Announcement:

    "iRacing is delighted to add Williams Grove to our catalogue of legendary race tracks,”

    "Since 1939, ‘The Grove’ has been synonymous with the best dirt track racing in the world and I’m certain it is destined to hold a similar place in the hearts of online motorsports enthusiasts.”

    Justin Loh, Williams Grove General Manager:

    “This is great news for Williams Grove Speedway and racing fans everywhere,”

    “For nearly 80 years, our track has been an integral part of the American racing scene, so it’s only fitting The Grove takes its place in the digital motorsports arena.”

    Williams Grove is another new dirt track location confirmed for the sim and no doubt many more such announcements will be coming from the team over at iRacing in the coming weeks and months.

    Don't forget to have a look through our iRacing forum for news and discussions relating to this online racing title alongside a number of community created setups to download and race!

    Are you looking forward to dirt in iRacing? How do you think the sim will cope with loose surface racing? Imola is coming, are you ready? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium Member

    Now an extra place to do some dirt truxxin'.
  3. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
    kikz Premium Member

    Dirt will be fun as hell, and something completely new to me.
    Also, Senna was a triple world champion, not quadruple :)
  4. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    I keep thinking of trying Iracing again. I would love to be able to jump in to an online race anytime as I work shift hours so can't make a lot of the Rd races. But I hated it when I tried it but I only had the mazda which just felt all wrong to me. Can you do Iracing without spending an absolute fortune?
  5. shedz

    Premium Member

    I recently got into it and I'm loving it.
    I've got to run the 2015 mazda to rank up, but I've got no qualms with that.
    You get a bunch of free tracks/cars to play with when you join, so you can do practice laps in cars other than the mazda if you like.

    I went ahead and brought a couple of tracks/cars including sebring,nords, the ruf and corvette.
    Cost me just under $50 US.
    3 month subs $30 US.

    So I wouldn't say it's cheap, but fun per dollar per hour is more than worth it to me.

    There's a rookie mazda race on the hour every hour, I can be qualified and race complete within about 30 mins of joining the session.

    I've not had any vicious incidents with other drivers in the rookie series (yet), but then I don't go for risky overtakes.
  6. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    Not really, you can get away with spending very little on cars but if you are going to do any championships (or even just race every week) you need quite a lot of circuits. They always have half price membership on Black Friday and some special offers but it is still pricey compared to everything else.
  7. Most of the lower level series' set their season's schedule to accommodate people who don't have much content. The Spec Racer Ford crew for example sets their season up so you can get participation credit with just 3 paid tracks. iRacing is expensive though, there's no way around that.
  8. I would rather that they would focus on more contenders for GT2, GT1 and maybe another mass production vehicle or two.
  9. Is Iracing a good simulator?
  10. if they eventually get Eldora/Knoxville/Millstream and more dirt tracks in, i might have to seriously considering going Iracing.
  11. Senna was only a 3 time world champion. You might need to correct that
  12. i did not know that muscimol. thanks for the info, now its making it harder :)
  13. "Only?"

    You think little?:confused::thumbsdown:
  14. Well the article said he won 4, so that's why I said only