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iRacing rudeness

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Is it just me or is there alot more rude people in the oval side of iRacing? I have been mostly driving road due to its what I like and even though I have run into a few rude people most are extremely nice and if you ask for help they are johny on the spot with the help. I had run the Legends for a small stint and got my Oval to a D license and I swear I don't think I ran a single race that there wasn't a schmuck in the group that was just rude beyond belief.

    A buddy of mine Dino, which I met in the Legends ran the ovals up to the A license cars. He told me they were very rude all the way up the scales. He is now getting into road and is running the skip trying to get to the Star Mazda. I had told him about Racedepartment so hopefully he'll be joining the ranks here.
  2. 1 - Internet...
    2 - Online Gaming...
    3 - Oval racing...

    All those combined = lots of rude people :)
  3. Nope, not just you.

    I like oval racing, but I just can't stand it on iRacing due to the morons that inhabit the servers there.

    This isn't a swipe at Americans or teenagers....but it is mostly American teenagers that seem to be the rudest, most obnoxious drivers on the oval side of things at iRacing.

    The road racing crowd are far more civilised, friendly and helpful. I can happily leave my voice chat on during a road race in any class above rookie and it's rare that you will hear anyone talk during the race, let alone start being rude, having arguments or incessantly talking about their day at school for 30 mins solid :D
  4. Well I'm American, from Texas and I will take a swipe at them... lol... Most teenagers do NOT have any manners at ALL here. I know that if I would have spoken to someone that way or acted a certain way whether online or in person my father would have tanned my hide. lol Heck I'm 32 years old and he'll still jump on me if I do something stupid... lol
  5. I've noticed this as well, and I agree with Stuart as it being mostly the younger guys but not always Americans. The way I solve this problem is with the mute button. As soon as they start talking to much they get muted, after about 2 GD's or MF'ers they get the mute button young or old.
  6. Agreed--feel free to take a swipe at the American teenagers..they have it coming. If you notice alot of hosted races are saying no kids...I wonder why??
  7. I fully agree. The oval side has on average 50-75% more little brats than I ever see on the road side. What I don't understand is how they still have an account when there is a minimum age limit or so the SC says.