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Iracing partners with GRAND-AM

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Sold.
  2. The Grand Am series is my favorite out there, even over NASCAR and F1. That's going to be cool.
  3. Yes I brought the DP last night and it is a great car, I already had the mustang but I think my pick will be the DP. Can't wait to race you again Eric.
  4. Hey Eric iracing is having a deal, pay for one month and get 2 free. $12 for three months is a great way to test it out. The promo code is “PR-2FREE”. Please use my name as a referral please.
  5. I was already asked by someone to be used as a referral (last week) - but I will list you also if they allow more than one. Was tossing around applying for the GT League here vs. joining iRacing right away, but I'm having major trouble getting used to rFactor so I'll probably end up waiting for rF-2 before I do any more ISI. As it is, though, I'll have to give my primary emphasis to my current and upcoming leagues (CCC/NGP/ATCC).
    Hopefully we'll be able to do some "scheduled" races through here - normal races where we all agree to show up. Eventually maybe RD can host some races - assuming I like this, I'd be up for donating for at least a race a week.
  6. Sounds like you've been doing a lot of racing Eric. I pretty much gave up all my other games when I started iracing. Although I most likely will get rfactor2 when it comes out. I started having problems with my race on, had to reinstall it on 4 different occasions. The nail in the coffin was when I got my new monitor and neither race on or rfactor looked good running at 1920x1200. I would love to see race department pick up a series for iracing, I would run in it. As if you couldn't tell, I really like iracing but I think the forums and community here is a better.
  7. anyone try some of the hosted events that mixxed the DP and stang? the closing speeds will take some getting used to, after a season driving the DP vs SR8
  8. Anyone raced in this series yet? I've done 2 races so far and love it. I'm driving the DP and haven't taken out a mustang yet, lol.
  9. I am planning on it. I just haven't been able to get in a race yet. sometime this week. I'll be in a DP.
  10. Just bought this pack and looking forward to see you all in the grand am races:)
  11. So I just got done with some practice in the DP at Daytona and I've come to a sober realization - Scott Pruett I ain't! Haha! I love these cars, just wish I had enough skill to be decent in them.
  12. Daytona is going to be a hard one for me as well. The infield is crazy, t2, 3, & 5 feel like they have no grip. It also very easy to clip the grass coming out of the chicane and start collecting 1x's. I think I going to wait to later in the week before I try a race, I need more practice time.
  13. I just got my G27 and the added pressure on the brake pedal vs DFGT has made HUGE improvement on my daytona lap times (in a riley). I used to have major problems dropping in from the oval to the bus stop chicane and the infamous turn into the in field. All about floating on that brake pedal.
  14. what were you using before?
  15. Just out of curiosity.. are the GrandAM races full of DP drivers or is there a nice mix of cars?
    Joined two practice sessions and never saw a Mustang..

    How long is a race in this class? It being GrandAM I expect them to take quite some time, is this correct?
  16. It depends, in the 5 or so races I have done there have always been more DP`s, but also never less than 8 Mustangs, I believe. Races vary in lenght, most are 50 minutes, two are 80 minutes and one or two are 30 minutes.
  17. Doesn't sound too bad regarding the Mustangs.. might join races in this class (although I prefer driving the DP)
  18. Even though I really like the DP, there is nothing like getting in the Mustang and challenging yourself to heel-n-toe your way around the track. I didn't get a chance to race at Daytona, but did a ton of practice sessions last week and although there were alot of DPs out there, I usually had plenty of Mustangs to compete against. Road America should be alot of fun this week as well.