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iRacing Offers

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Hampus Andersson, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Post any offers you can find from iRacing here so everyone can glance over what is available,

    Got an email about it. I won´t do it due to AC but if anyone´s interested i thought you wanted to know.
    Only for existing members.
  2. yep, just got the same mail, it's like the end of November thingy they run every year, intriguing ...
  3. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    I just renewed for a year with some credits bonus. Good to see frequent offers coming through.
  4. Thank good:) My subscription ran out today:) but now i have 2 years of fun:)
  5. It´s actually the best deal i can think off. I know there used to be a "buy a year for 45" but you could only buy one at that time i think.
    But obviously these sort of deals always comes when there´s stuff happening in the same niche industry :)
    AC just around the corner etc. Better safe up iRacers for 2 years..
  6. offer valid till 27th, so thats after payday. SWEET!! :D
  7. I have about $40 worth of credits stored up (was waiting for the Mclaren and Zolder) but this deal is too good to pass up, I will wait till the end of the season to see if I can get my season participation credits as well so this deal will cost me about $50. :D
  8. will procrastinate for a day or two more and then, ina weak moment, I will probably follow suit :)
  9. How much further to this corner? Unlike projects like CARS and rF2, we haven't even had mention of when a playable ALPHA/BETA will be available.
    Do you know something many folks appear not to?

  10. I´m fairly sure that in the near future something will be released by AC.
    Maybe not the full game but something to give us a taste.

    I think RD will get a preview in August so we´ll see.
  11. Sweet. Fingers crossed something does see the light of day, even if only a limited BETA to try.
  12. Sounds kinda desperate to me..I'm paid upto next summer and the series racing on iRacing is on the decline (damage control it or not). What next year are they gonna offer a 3 yr subscription for 99 dollars?

    Participation is on the slow decline. NTM is no where close to being done. A ongoing beta in progress with laser scanned tracks and amazing netcode. I'm seeing these deals are gonna be ongoing with a lot of amazing sims in beta and WIP.

    Oh IRacing can add more cars and tracks sure, but what's the use when half of the series are dead and buried. I'm holding off. You don't offer giveaways like this unless your hurting. Less participation = Less money. Guess they had no choice.
  13. I agree with some of what you are saying. There are only a few series that go official almost all the time. So adding more cars will spread out the subscribers even more.

    I don't know what you mean by "beta" laser scanning. Watkins Glen is the only track that I have been to in real life that is in iRacing and it is by far the best "sim" representation of it out there. To be honest the iRacing tracks are IMO the best in any sim game.

    After your initial big purchase (buying all the tracks and cars you want). The service is not that expensive. You can earn up to $45 worth of credits if you participate in at least 2 series a year. So with this deal it will only cost you $10 for two years worth of service. To me that doesn't sound bad.
  14. Do you receive money for participating in a series for a full season or a full year? I think I read it was 8 weeks out of 12 required in order to earn the iRacing credits. Im confused :D. I dont have any of the D or above content but Im seriously thinking of purchasing the Gran Am package.
  15. I think most run leagues now.. i stopped racing officially a long time ago, can´t trust 70% of the drivers out there it seems.

    They should bring in more cars and more tracks in my opinion, they have barely touched Europe yet with content.
    Asia seems like they have covered now with 4 tracks and 5 cars if you count the HPD.

    If they started bringing in more european content the more european members would join.
  16. Well iRacing knows their target market. They've obviously aimed at the oval content a lot more than road, but there's a lot of potential with doing that and their overall goal is to make money. Now I think with oval content they're beating a dead horse, but they're starting to really work on the road side and with all their new signings I think it will come alive soon.

    Since they make deals like these all the time I'm not going to bite on it just yet because money is tight while in University :(
  17. You can earn up to a max of $10 a season, and max $45 a year. The extra $5 you get if you have a full year of continuous service. With the D and C class series you get $4 for running 8 of 12 weeks. B and A you get $8 for running 8 of 12 weeks a season.
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  18. Ah ok, thanks for making it clear. :)
  19. Can admin change the name of this thread to something like "iRacing Offers" ?
    @Bram Hengeveld

    Just wanted to say that there´s a new offer out now, nothing major but if you have waited for an offer this might interest you.


    If you buy $75 worth of credits you get an extra $25.
    If you buy $23 worth of credits you get an extra $5.

    Not one of the bigger ones but the first one is good if you plan on buying a year or so.
  20. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    I actually recharged one day too early, lol! ;)