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IRacing Noobs: Getting Sick of it..

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by gilles13, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. So I Recently bought Iracing for my upgraded Pc..

    I started doing the tutorials and stuff.
    After 30 minutes of driving tutorials i managed to find a need little mazda race on LRP.

    But i never went further then the 4th corner because of people wrecking everywhere..
    I did an V8 supercar race with the Old Gen Ford and again i didn't even complete the first lap..
    So i went to drive the old gen Dallara Indycar on Indy..
    At first i thought that i was actually going to win my first race..

    4 laps before the finish i came across a backmarker.
    I wanted to pass him on the main straight but he rammed me off on purpose doing 313 KPH/210Mph.
    He litteraly steered into my lane when i got along side him.

    I got sick of it and turned off my PC.

    Next day i got on and yet again NOOBS EVERWHERE!!!

    Somebody got any advise ?

    (I'm not a beginner with sim racing... i play sims for over 10 years now..)
  2. weird. decidedly not the game i play / the service i play on.
    problem seems to be that you are on private servers where the iRacing and Safety Rating structure does not count. This allows you to use the better cars but this also may explain players' rash behaviour. On the official servers (where you would need to get out of rookies quickly and posibly also out of d-class within the next season) the behaviour I encounter is 75% splendid, 20% takes some getting used to and the rest are a couple of rotten eggs, which one will find in any basket. On average, higher class (a, b and c) tend to have filtered out some of the really weird behaviour. However, one is never quite safe in any game i guess.
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  3. So how to switch from private servers to official servers? (sorry i am not a ultra computer geek lol)
  4. Stick to official races. On the main members' website page there is a bar with four colors near the top, click the green color "official races" pick a race and register. The other drivers *should* want to maintain or grow their safety racing.

  5. TH
  6. As a rookie, your number one goal should be to get rid of your rookie license and get a D license. The only way to do this is by increasing your Safety Rating (SR). The only way to increase your safety rating is to run official races or time trials and have zero or very few incidents. You get incidents by going off track (1x), losing control (2x), or contact either with stationary objects or other cars (0x - 4x).

    The car contacts are the worst as usually they are 4x. Those can kill your safety rating. The best way to avoid car contact is to stay away from the other cars. You do this by starting the race from the pits. To start from the pits, just wait until the grid countdown runs out. The green button will switch to missed start, that is when you click on it. This will put your car in your pit stall. When the race starts, you will have to wait a few seconds, then you can go. Make sure you don't speed while exiting the pits. Once out on the track, stay at least 2-3 seconds or more behind the car in front of you. Only pass them if they go off track and have no chance of coming back on track to hit you. If another car approaches behind you, hold a very steady line and slow down on the straights so they can pass easily without hitting you.

    Now you are probably asking what about racing. This is a racing sim, right? Yes it is, but remember the number one goal of rookies is to get out of rookies. Just run 2 to 3 races with zero incidents using the method I described and you will be out of rookies.

    Once you are out of rookies, you need to decide what you want to race. If it is in D class, you can start racing. If it is in C class or above, continue using the method above to get to the license class desired. I used the above method and got both my oval and road licenses to A in less than 30 days from when I first started iRacing. After that I started racing and I can race in any series I want except the Pro series which I'm fairly sure I will never be qualified for.
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  7. Thanks i Will definitely try this..
  8. Just remember that rookies series are full of terrible drivers... So yeah, until you get away from that, or at least get into high splits, you'll still encounter noobs. Nothing you can't avoid tho (mostly).
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  9. great advice there. one more (but this holds for all online racing games): always play three games at once: yours, the one run by the player in front and the one run by the player behind you. this will take care of many "situations". against dumb players, however, no method is foolproof.
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  10. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC

    Also another thing to point out is that this is played by humans and it is human nature to make mistakes. If a guy is going for a pass and misses a braking marker which is a pretty common mistake don't get mad. You will probably make that mistake sometime when you are pushing for a win.

    I think you were also racing Carb cup which has no rating and therefore a lot of drivers think they can get away with intentionally wrecking. Although there is no point in reporting it as nothing will happen
  11. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I don't think there are extremely many guys paying 10$ a month just to wreck people and maybe even get banned from races (don't know iRacing's punishment catalogue)
    They get that cheaper by buying AC or pCars in a sale.

    I have seen many fast drivers who behave like madmen although they definitely weren't fast enough to overtake me, but they forced it at some time and caused crashes.
    Especially when racing alongside rather unexperienced racers you have to think for them.
    They will simply not know where your car is while cornering as they lack the experience.
    Or when a guy is coming out of the slipstream at the end of a straight - it's likely he'll have excessive speed and smash into you if you don't give him room.

    The one tip i can give you in rookie class:
    Just sit through it - people will spin and crash. Guaranteed.
    If you're a fast and experienced driver, just apply some pressure and many will either give you their spot or will make a mistake rather sooner than later.

    Regarding safety rating:
    I was surprised how many incident i can have and still raise the safety rating.
    Had two or three times even a 4x, crashing into a wall in qualifying, several offtracks and so on and it didn't keep me from getting advanced to D license :)
    Especially the off-tracks are super stupid as i don't know any racing regulation that punishes 2 wheels off track.
  12. snyperal

    Premium Member

    I shouldn't mention this, but my favourite game is sticking like glue to the car in front, unless I have serious pace, I'll just sit there and wait for the mistake. If I've got pace I'll overtake though.


    Get out of rookies then find a series / car you want to use and enjoy it. There are some great races to be had.
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  13. Magic43

    "Drive it, like you stole it."

    I race in a league so i dont have the probs with these rookies. Let me know if you are interested ;).
  14. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Everybody should watch some of TrueRacer's videos - he has quite some track awareness, keeping others in front of him to do the dirty work for him, using others for several laps to give him draft and he has several videos out there in which he sticks behind that one guy to time his overtake perfect and take the win in the last lap.

    Absolutely no need forcing your way through others if you can also race intelligent.
  15. Works at lower levels, but against proper good drivers you have to force the issue. Mistakes are too few and small.
  16. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Lauda has won his championships by driving intelligent instead of forcing it ;)
    Of course real world racing and virtual racing aren't the same as nobody cares about dying in a crash in iRacing :D

    But as this is a thread about "iRacing noobs", i think we can assume that many will make mistakes ;)
  17. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC

    Yeah I have raced true_racer a few times in the Lotus 79. He is a great driver and we have similar pace. Unfortunately I either stuff up qually or put no practice into a set so I dont get to have the good battle with him although at the end of the race when we are both in clear air we have same pace
  18. snyperal

    Premium Member

    Damn straight, it gets tricky though if you're only a couple of tenths quicker. Some circuits are good for overtaking others are frankly poor.

    My best result the session was Q in 19th finished in 6th in the Aston Martin at Monza. I don't know why I quali'd do badly but I found decent pace in the race.
  19. Thanks guys for helping me out.
    IRacing is so much more enjoyable now..
    Ofcourse there are still people who ruin it.
    Now my opponents are much cleaner because of the higher license

    @Magic43 I'm sorry but i am not planning to go to the nascar route..
  20. Magic43

    "Drive it, like you stole it."

    No Gilles the league races GT, Indycar, Trucks and Spec Racer ;)

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