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iRacing news: new cars, tracks, telemetry and more

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. mosportoval.jpg
    Steve Myers, the Executive Vice President and Executive Producer at iRacing.com has posted some news of upcoming builds and future plans for iRacing on his blog. He talks of new cars including the new Ford GT and Nationwide series cars as well as news tracks such as Okayama which will be released free of charge. He also talks about Suzuka, Oulton Park and Interlagos.
    Steve has mentioned new graphics optimizations that have been made to enable the building of Suzuka's tunnel/bridge crossover section. They are still working on Oulton Park and Mosport Oval but plan on starting the laser scanning of Interlagos late March with a view to having the track ready by the end of the year. okayama.jpg

    Also mentioned is a new plugin to allow telemetry data to be sent to an as yet unannounced third party data logging application which should prove very popular. There will be new hosting options too allowing for a 'Heat Racing' option where a hosted race admin can link events together so that an admin can advance players to a new session based on results from previous sessions.
    Steve also talks about an achievement system and Facebook style integrated chat on the iRacing site as well as much much more which you can read about here.
  2. Exciting times ahead for iRacers!
  3. Oh yes indeed. Can't wait to get my grubby hands on that GT40
  4. Wow! Very cool!
  5. Data Acquisition in iRacing? Suzuka? GT40? Sweet!
  6. oooo I can't wait
  7. Ooooh! Sweet :D
  8. Okayama - free track. Sweet.

    Haven't raced that since my GP4 days, lol. Also rest of proposed updates looking good too.

    iRacing FTW.
  9. Okayama for free!!! Very nice iracing.
  10. For a game this expensive, I except all the gadgets available asap.
  11. But surely you want 'gadgets' that work as intended and not just rushed out to please the impatient ones, lol.

    I appreciate iRacing costs, but it is only as expensive as you make it.

  12. Great news, love the Matech Ford GT's!!
  13. Great news, more european cars and tracks!!!! VERY GOOD.....
  14. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    All I really want is a realistic manual transmission and clutch modelling.
  15. good point!!!!
  16. jeq


    expensive? Ill rather pay that 7eurs in month than pay flight tickets and laser scanners and food for iRacing staff. Anyway constant payment is only way to make sure that Staff is interested of giving iRacing updates and make it more realistic. If there is only one small payment to buy this simulator, it will be dead within couple of years. And if you are not happy like how iRacing is now, you can end your membership and come back later.:cool: