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iRacing got cheaper!?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dietmar, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Seems I have missed this completely, at least the 1 month and 3 month subscriptions (that's what I am currently on) got cheaper. The 3 month was before 36$ now it is 30$, not bad. Still money, but a step into the right direction!
  2. Yea $10 a month for a top notch racing sim :). Plus if you signup you can use a bonus offer to get it cheaper or another car/track combo.
  3. And if you have enough spare time on your hands your racing activity can pay towards your subcription costs: $7 for every series where you compete in 8/12 of the official weeks (a simulation that pays you to race!?!) ;).
  4. Mark - Please can you explain that to me a little, I have of course seen it promoted but didnt undertand. For example If I just go in a race once a day (or 8 out of 12 days) I will get credits? I take it this doesnt include rookies :(
  5. For d and c class it's $4. For b and a class it's $7. You must complete 8/12 weeks out of a season in order to gain credit. For a maximum of $10 a season. Rookie and pro class do not count. Also you must complete at least half the laps and the race must be official for it to count for the week.
  6. Wasn't this 10$ per season you participated?
  7. The most you can earn is $10 per season as long as you have completed 8/12 weeks. So if lets say you completed 8/12 weeks in the Corvette and 8/12 weeks in the indy car series you would only get $10. Even though both are in the $7 category.
  8. Cool - more than two series would be too much work for lazy old me anyway. And - $10 back is $10 back. :D.
  9. Good way to think is $10 back is your track or car for the next series/level :)