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iRacing Free One Month Promo

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Anyone looking to try out iRacing. This free one month offer is valid for new accounts only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 2/28/2011.

    For more details, check out this link. http://iracing.com/sbrs/
  2. Thx will, done it :)

    I cant do many laps at the moment as my leg is bad, but so far quite impressed with iracing. Not sure its worth the monthly subs to be honest tho....time will tell, want to give it a fair chance :) But endlessly paying out for cars/tracks will probably kill it for me, we will see.

    However if it was a more normal 'purchase' even at a much higher pice I would go for it...........Hmmm....more testing needed :p
  3. Very niiice Brian! Glad that you were able to try out iRacing and give it a go. If it's something that you are really interested in after testing it out. They usually have great deals on yearly subscriptions which is what I did. And only paid 75 for a whole year of iRacing. Which is definitely a bargain. Keep an eye out for those.

    Oh and congrats on getting your upgrade to the 6970 and Eyefinity too! :)
  4. Brain in the beginning I felt the same way you do about the monthly sub. I started with the $5, 30 day trail, didn't really get into it and I let the sub end. Iracing sent me a code for a 3 month sub for like $18 so I did that and really started to put in the time to give it a good evaluation, the more I played the more I liked it. Like Will, I got a deal for a year sub for $75, so I never really paid a monthly bill for iracing. With out having a monthy payment I started buying the $10-$20 gift cards almost every pay day. The little drops in the bucket added up to me being a %100 content owner and I never really felt the sting of forking over vast amounts of money.(until I look at my purchase history) Currently I am paid up until January and I will buy another yearly sub next time they do that deal again.
  5. Got a message from Larry Stovall - he may be joining - I'll send him the info. Thanks Will.
  6. Thanks man! One internet for you.
  7. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium Member

    (sad face) I spent $11.95 on my skippy. Ah well :p I am thouroghly addicted to iRacing. With money for me I now own a bulk of the content and can renew with no problem every 3 months for 3 months. This free offer though... everyone should take it and enjoy what they can of iRacing just for a while, even if you don't come back for more but from what I have seen the majority do.
  8. Nice one Brian!
    I spent more in the past on PS3 games that I dont play than I will on iracing.
    Its a top sim for sure.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the RD tracks mate.
    who's ps3 is now just an iplayer viewer...
  9. Hi, if i can anull the subscriptions with paypal at any moment?
  10. I seem to remember auto-billing not working too well with PayPal (not at all basically). All you need to do, first thing after signing up is go here:

    Click "Cancel Auto-Billing" and you won't be automatically charged.
    I just buy a year subscription when they do a deal, these are usually about June (iRacing Anniversary) & November (Black Friday).
  11. I don't have a cancel auto-billing button :S
  12. On the members page click on My Account on the top right. Then go to Cancel/Renew Membership and you should see the Cancel Auto billing button. :)
  13. I only have this:
  14. kr1nz,

    You signed up for the free one month promo correct? Not sure how iRacing goes about it for something like this. But when you signed up did they ask for a type of payment, Credit Card, PayPal etc.? Reason why you don't have a Cancel Auto Billing could be due to just signing up for the one month promo. Not sure though.
  15. Hum, i used paypal.
    I contacted the support too.
    Thanks :)
  16. if yo upay by papal, it does not renew automaticaly.
  17. Really?
    I am more relaxed now :)
    Thank you!
  18. Flavien is correct, no automatic renewal with paypal.
  19. No quite that bad, lol.

    Still sees me passing a few hours on GT5, NFS:HP, LBP, Uncharted 1 & 2, Motorstorm, Burnout Paradise and DIRT:2.

    Also gets used for watching Blu-Ray's.