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iRacing for Japan

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Eric Estes, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I do believe I'll be there.
  2. My brother is right outside of Tokyo right now, been there for the last 3 yrs with the Air Force. I talked to him Tuesday and everything was ok, not sure about all that radiation. I will be racing for Japan as well hope to see you guys in a race. Anyone know what time they are racing? maybe we can all get into the same split or something.
  3. I think it starts late in the evening on Monday, and then runs all day Tuesday. I'll probably run either the first race Monday or the last race on Tuesday.

    I have a couple of buddies on the USS Reagan providing support. The radiation is significant. If you look at the numbers they are quoting, and realize that in 20 years of operating reactors I only got about 0.012 Sv total - those are some brave souls fighting that thing right now. Hopefully they can get a permanent power source hooked up soon.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Nice podium Larry!
  6. Thanks! That may've been my best road-course run since I started iRacing despite the number of incidents. I ran in second for two stints...the guy who eventually finished there passed me, spun, then passed me again a few laps later. He was just a little faster than me.

    The fellow who finished fifth passed me for third position and ran away from me. toward the last quarter of the race. I'd kept him more than ten seconds behind me forever, but the combination of some lapped traffic and me getting a little too skittish about the state of my tires let him overtake me. He spun out on the straight and I got it back...I'm not sure what caused it. He was catching up to #2, so it might've been some kind of passing drama, but I forgot to save the replay.

    In any case, I actually got to take it easy the last few laps, as the fellow behind me was nearly half a lap behind, and the guy in front was too distant for a realistic hope of catching in the remaining time.

    Are the D-level MX-5 races 40 minutes? I actually enjoyed the longer run.
  7. The D class Grand Touring races range from 20-45 mins. Most are 30 mins, Lime Rock being the shortest and Spa the longest. You will need the VW Jetta, but coming from Race On with the front wheel drive WTCC cars you will be fine.
  8. The GT races do sound fun, and since I despise both the Solstice and the Spec Racer, I'll probably be slowly acquiring the tracks you need for the GTs and the Mustang so I can give it a try once I also get the Jetta. I always did like the Touring Car races, so I'm actually looking forward to the VW.

    What's surprising me is how much fun I have in the Miata. It's not the type of car I usually gravitate towards, but it's very very fun.
  9. Contratulations to Flavien Vidal for finishing 3rd overall in the Road category!

    Well done Larry on your Podium!
  10. hehe Thanks :)
  11. Great job, Flavien!