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Featured iRacing: First Look at Dirt Sprint Cars in Game

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    iRacing Dirt Sprint Car Preview.jpg
    Following the shock #dirtconfirmed announcement back on April Fools Day, iRacing.com have released the first images from the upcoming dirt content, a traditional American Dirt Sprint Car.

    Work has been underway for several months to bring loose surface racing to the online only simulation, and now fans have the first opportunity to see the fruits of iRacing's labour in action using the software. With the Dirt Sprint Car featured, iRacing have also confirmed the simulation are aiming to bring both the Ford Fiesta Rallycross car, several Late Model vehicles and Eldora and Williams Grove Speedway during early dirt development for the game.

    Of course all the new vehicles for iRacing will be subject to the usual laserscan development process, in order to accurately recreate the cars in millimetre accuracy to their real life counterparts. Laser scanning a loose surface track will prove to be somewhat more difficult one would image, and to get round the technical difficulties, track artists from iRacing have been present on location several times to take measurements and reference images , with the aim of creating the most accurate representation possible of the circuits.

    It will be very interesting to see how iRacing recreate this popular form of American automobile racing in the coming months.

    The iRacing sub forum here at RaceDepartment is the place to go for the latest news and discussions regarding the simulation. Join in and leave a comment today!

    Are you looking forward to some dirt racing in iRacing? No longer a member of the service? Will dirt simulation tempt you back to the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. BoogerMac

    Premium Member

    I still prefer the look of the DWD Design sprint cars for rFactor 1. My mind may change after release...
  3. Im not into that in real life and its not my preferred type of racing, aaaand i dont own iRacing (cant afford it atm). But if i did and it was realistic enough (which i guess it will be) then i could see how this would be a lot of fun. From what ive seen these cars are pretty powerful and there is a lot of dirt flying all over, and of course a lot of power sliding. Fun all around. :) Looking forward to some videos of it.
  4. I run asphalt sprint cars on the sim. Can't wait for the dirt sprint cars. Non-wing version too please. :)
  5. MoerasGrizzly

    Premium Member

    That has to be the weirdest car I have ever seen.
  6. it's not a wing it is for slice pilots head!
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  7. too soon angelo, too soon
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  8. bit weird to announce DIRT and then show a clean car as your first pic, lol.
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  9. michael435

    Premium Member

    Looks amazing I will be all over this when realised not to big into I racing but hopefully will be worth it , brings back memories from the old ps2 world of outlaw game , #nevergetsold
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  10. So when does the first piece of dirt content being released?
  11. The sim is being practiced by real life racers and also has laser scanned tracks combined with pinpoint physics, doesn't get much better than that. They have been around for a long time so they have lots of experience. However it's challenging and takes time to fully appreciate the feeling but once you get the hang of it it's very satisfying. Also it's a pricey hobby but since there is no better alternative except AC or rFactor 2 (but they loose in other areas such as a complete package regarding online netcode in my opinion and also the physics in AC). But the adrenaline of keeping up in a race near the podium in iRacing is unparalleled with any sim racing I have tried so far. Highly recommend it whenever you get around to try it.
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  12. I meant the dirt stuff which i at least havent seen anything about yet. I thought that was a new coming feature? Im a simmer so of course i know about iRacing itself. ;)
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  13. we can already see parts of the development process, the new tracks are so much better at representing stones and sand coming at you and also, if my eyes do not fool me, settling down on the tarmac. All this will supposedly be at the core of the Dirt-development, won't it?