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iRacing Content Pricing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by FerrariMan96, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thinking of getting into iRacing soon, but I don't really have a lot of money myself (don't have a job because I've found school work really taxing this year - my last year of school - although I'll probably get one in the upcoming summer holidays after I'm finished). I'm thinking of asking for an iRacing voucher for an upcoming birthday to help me get started, but I'm kinda stuck on how much to 'recommend' - I want to ask for enough to get me a ~6 month subscription and all of the paid content that I really want, but not too much so that my parents are put off.

    I'm making a list of all the cars/tracks that I really want, followed by those that I would get if I had some spare cash, and then the ones that I'm not really interested in. I know on iRacing's website that they say all cars and tracks are either US$11.95 or $14.95, however I can't find any reference to which specific cars/tracks are more or less expensive. I want to know because I suspect my list is mostly $14.95 content :p

    If anyone has a price list or something they could post here (or PM me) that would be great.

  2. you cant view the cars & tracks?? thats pretty silly...anyway, best idea is to get a 3 month starter subscription for something like $9-12 -- these offers are all over the place, including on this site. iracing will have a sale over the holidays for a year or two at a huge discount.

    basically, cars are around ~$11 & tracks ~$15. the best way to save, if you can, is to buy in bulk -- 3+ items is 15% off, 6+ items are 20% off.
  3. Thanks, although most of that information I already have. I can view the cars and tracks, and the FAQ says that cars and tracks are all $11.95 or $14.95. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere that will specifically tell me WHICH content is $11.95 and WHICH content is $14.95. That's what I was hoping someone would be able to answer.

    So is it true then that all cars are $11.95 and all tracks are $14.95? Or just "most of the time".
  4. i think ive seen one road track that's inexplicably $11.95...maybe just so they can say that?? as a rule tracks run $15 & cars $12 or whatever its quoted as saying the upper price is.
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  5. OK, thanks for that.
  6. I did some calculations when I had my trial and to buy all the tracks for a season I liked plus 1-2 cars(for the big discount) plus 1 year membership for 50% (black friday promo) it went up to around 200$ dollars.
  7. I just got back into iRacing after some time away and got 3 months for $5.
    If you google search you can find some good Promo Codes to get you started for pretty cheap Price.

    But Black Friday is the Best time to get a 1 Yr Membership and a heap of Cars and Tracks.
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  8. @muscimol Thanks for that. It expires a bit after my birthday so I'll sign up just before it ends (won't have much time to race until mid/late november anyway - but that's still at least 1.5 free months).

    Any other deals I should be aware of? In case I chose to go for a content deal, it could work out cheaper than going free for 3 months and buying the same content?
  9. Yes, the upcoming Black Friday sale, I'd suggest not spending more than you have to until then. I plan on picking up another year of sub on that sale. Dunno if they do discounts on content too, maybe someone else can answer that?
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  10. I don't remember any discounts specifically on content, but they do discounted credits which can then be used for either content or subscriptions.
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  11. Sounds good, thanks for that!
  12. IMHO forget iRacing, it's expensive and there are lots of superior inexpensive simulators around, now it's up to you...
  13. Thing is that I'm keen on getting into the online aspect. League racing is an option too but a schedule simply doesn't suit me. I've tried public multiplayer in pretty much every sim I own (AC, GSC, rF1/rF2, Simbin titles and nKP) and I've had very few good races (usually due to a lack of numbers or talent... or both...)
  14. Ohhh the fanboys have arrived, dislike on my OPINION comment, lol... :D
  15. Yeah, that was my opinion, right? ;)
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  16. jimortality


    There are plenty of club races on here without the need for spending much.
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  17. Thing is Roi Santos, he read your post, thought about it and disliked it. That's much better than "disliking" someone's post just for retaliation (due to a dislike received).

    Those with glass houses... :)


    @FerrariMan96, iRacing doesn't come cheap, that's the truth...if you decide to purchase a lot of cars and tracks (as I and many others did). If you don't all there is to it is the cost associated with the other side of iR's business model: the subscription, which is not terribly expensive (imo).

    If you "enrol" in some leagues with a handful of cars, costs will be kept reasonably low.
  18. I think i didn't said anything bad, just that iRacing is expensive, and IT IS!! Maybe you rich guys should not mess with other peoples opinion when it comes to money. The guy has limited resources as far as i read (student/no job/no rich parents maybe) and he'll be stuck in iRacing if he doesn't want to spend a lot of money on it! Respect!
  19. Disagree =|= dislike
    I thoroughly disagree with your post Roi, there are in my opinion NO other sims on the market that can compete with iracing as far as online racing goes. Whether that online racing part is important enough to deal with the "subpar physics" (IMO they are not) and to pay the price they ask for it is up to each of us to decide for ourselves. To me it certainly is worth it.
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