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iRacing.com Japanese Grand Prix

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Would be really cool to race and then watch the real life F1 race in the same weekend. Sooo much racing, sooo little time :)
  2. Most exellent. Picked up 1.06 on my licence at the Spa event,so I is IN!
    Who else it up for it then?
  3. I'm in for sure... Will and I as you can see were doing a few practice laps last night very late here... Again... lol...

    It was crazy for sure, we were running at top speed with race fuel as close as you are seeing in those shots... hehehe I almost pulled a recreation of the Senna/Prost incident at one point.
  4. Can anyone help. Although probably being way off the pace I might give this a go and would be grateful for some help:

    How much fuel to start with?
    How many stops for tyres?
    How many stops for re fueling?

    I haven't ever competed in a race where re fueling is necessary. How do you change the amount of fuel the team will put in at a pit stop?

    Oh, and any other top tips to get me below 1.37 would be nice.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Steve, set race fuel in the black box's before gridding.
    Tick or untick for tyres again in black box's, you can do this on the limiter down pit lane.
    I'l see during prac today what feul I am running.
    Anyone got a nice set up for under 37 then Pleeeeease?
    Joe.... Will.... you dudes are always fast
  6. Thats great thanks for you help.
    So if i come back tomorrow and ask for a 1.32 seup will you have one of those as well, lol.
  7. Don't need to. Just did a 32.889 in qualifying with that setup. Only change i did was the rear wicker to -5 instead of 0. And lose the fuel and adjust the ride height after losing the fuel of course.
  8. nice one Dennis. I'll give that a go as well. Thanks.
  9. The setup that I was given is hitting about the same times as the Setup Dennis handed out. Thanks for doing that Dennis!!! I will personally be starting the race with 180lbs of fuel.

    It seems that your racing line here is the most important tool you will have to say the very least. If you can maintain that line you will pick up speed, and remember slow down a little if it means keeping your line because you will get out of the corner faster. Brake a little early if someone is close in front of you, these cars brake like a BIG DOG and you have to have extreme reflexes if you don't brake early...
  10. @$@%.... I had to take care of a few things today and got back to miss the race by three - 3 minutes... AHhhhhh....
  11. That sucks Joe.

    I started 8th in the 2nd split and finished in 3rd with only 2 inc. Very happy with that result.
  12. Well done Dennis. That was a very nice set up you gave out. Cheers.
    I started 11th, but took too much curb in degna 1 lap 1... and had to be towed... finshed 13th with 8 incs so not too bad. Shame as my race pace was not too bad.
    Great fun though. Shame about the silly error.
    Gained .42 on the licence tho. ; )
    Tuff break Joe.
  13. Ahhhhh that is just 4 degree's of wrong I tell ya... I just got an email not 10 minutes ago stating that my race was about to start soon for the Japanese Grand Prix...

    GOoooo ahead iRacing, pour the salt in the wound I can take it... :eek:
  14. ha ha Joe... wrong time zone?
    How about we put an rd suzuka gp together then?
    What do ya say?