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iRacing announces iRacing 2.0

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. 2011 looks to be a great year for iRacing fans with the company announcing iRacing 2.0 which will be released this summer. Starting in May and then rolling on to August iRacing will be updated to include a preview of the high anticipated new tyre model, this tyre model will appear on the NASCAR Nationwide car first but rolled out for every car in August. New graphic and shader updates will improve the already great looking visuals even further which will also encompass a complete graphical overhaul of the Skip Barber FSB2000 car which was one of the first cars the iRacing team created. Night racing on road courses will be introduced for the V8 Supercar, Mazda MX5 Cup & Roadster, Corvette C6.R, Riley Daytona Prototype, Pontiac Solstice, VW Jetta TDI Cup and Mustang Challenge race cars with working headlights on these cars.

    New content is always welcome and iRacing will deliver with free and paid content. Okayama International Circuit will be added to the base package for all users in May with Suzuka and Iowa Speedway being available for purchase in August. New cars will also be added to iRacing starting with the new NASCAR Nationwide car in May along with the graphical update to the Skip Barber FSB2000 and in August iRacing introduces the Ford GT and Honda LMP ARX-01C race car to the service. The LMP car will surely benefit from a driver swap feature also being added in August for endurance events along with a new aero model.

    Hosted racing has become cheaper with an hour slot now costing just $0.50 so the previous 3 hour session drops from $3 to $2. Hosted sessions will have the choice of 2,4 and 6 hour slots and if you book 4 or more sessions in a month you will be entitled to a 25% discount as part of the new price plan. Achievements have proven to be popular to a lot of gamers on the XBOX, Playstation and Steam platforms and iRacing will be rolling out its own rewards system in May with awards ranging from painting your car or helmet to completing 100,000 laps or racing consecutive clean races with no incident points.

    This summer will see the biggest update to the service since it launched. New telemetry output, revamped sound system, enhanced pitting and damage repair and many other features will be rolled out and RaceDepartment as always will be covering this news and using these new features for our on-going club events and leagues. For more information on our iRacing club please visit our iRacing forum here.

    You can read the full announcement for this new release at the inRacing News site here.

  2. ... but i-racing continues beeing expensive and i would hate to pay each month, or year... i think they should make the typical pay once, play forever.
  3. yep, pay month/year stops me from buying it, pay once and I had bought it I think.
  4. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    It's worth every penny and then some - every other racing sim isn't even close to iracing.

  5. Why? There are loads of online gaming services out there that charge monthly fees. What they are doing is nothing new. Besides, how many of the "pay once, play forever games" are constantly be developed, refined, added to, and improved over the past 3 years? (Modding doesn't count)


    FWIW, I play almost all the popular sims.
  6. Sounds great, but like esteban I also still find it too expansive. I dont mind to pay a fee monthly, but I dont like that you have to buy every car and track, especially not for those prices... and essentially you dont even own them
  7. iripoff strikes back

    Spent bit over 200$ to the game already, moar plz?
  8. +1 :cool:
  9. I think iRacing is the best sim ever but, while I enjoy the sim immensly, it is quite expensive - especially if you are more casual in terms of play-time. There just is no way for me to get my moneys worth with a limited play schedule. If they could offer a limited package for less money, I might renew some day.
  10. Do you have a mobile phone and monthly contract?

    Do you pay a monthly fee for your broadband?

    Do you use an XBOX for online gameplay? I guess if you do you pay to use XBOX LIVE?

    Anyone would think iRacing are doing something never done before.
  11. Until recently I was an iRacing skeptic. Seemed expensive and I had difficulty envisioning the value associated with the content cost and the monthly fees. However when RD sponsored an open-wheel league (Star Mazda) on iRacing, I decided to give it a shot. I couldn't be happier with the decision.

    I'm totally impressed with the quality of the sim and the service in general. Cars and tracks are as good as simracing gets, regular new content, a rigidly enforced safety rating system, wide variety of racing seasons available, real races available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, sim engine constantly updated. Yes, it's more expensive than buying a static game, but for me anyway, the value delivered more than justifies the cost.

    Your milage mary vary......
  12. With RD and iRacing together we make the best better, glad we could put together an entertaining series for you to join along with our other iRacing fans here at RD.
  13. no way to compare it with bills: 1. i dont have xbox and if i had it i would not pay for internet 2. my mobile phone has pre-chargue of money 3. paying and paying forever sucks. and yes, they do many updates, but gran turismo 5 is doing updates too and you dont have to pay 100 euros for year, just 60 to play it forever.