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iRacing 2010 Season 2 schedule posted

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Steve Myers has posted up the schedule for 2010 season 2 in the iRacing members forums here.

    Some of the highlights include a mixed class series using the Riley Prototype and the Radical SR8. The Ford Falcon V8 Supercar will make an appearance as a 'C' class car with Phillip Island and Zandvoort being used in some of the road racing series.
  2. Saw this earlier, looks good. Nice to see the Radical and DP combined into one series, should help keep the numbers up.
  3. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Pro Series starts off at Sebring. Djeeeez :D
  4. Zandvoort is in it:D

    Ive been there lots of time in real life and trust me it looks the same
  5. Is it possible to post it for non-members? I'm just curious as to which series are at which tracks (ie. how much would I need to spend to run the full series).
  6. Andrew, here is the schedule. Tracks are between $12 and $15. Discounts for purchases of 3 or 6 items at a time.

    Tracks that come with the basic subscription, are Summit, Laguna Seca and Lime Rock on the road side, South Boston, Lanier and Charlotte/Lowes on the oval side.

    Since a lot of the tracks are shared by different series you could buy 13 tracks and have all 12 tracks needed for the complete 12 week D, C and B series of Skip Barber, V8 Supercar and the Vette. Once you get a basic set of tracks, you're in pretty good shape, because they are shared a lot.

    Also, the division championships only require you to compete in 8 of 12 weeks, so those 12 would probably cover you for 8 weeks in just about every road series all the way from Rookie to A Class.

    And if you really want to save money, you could buy fewer tracks and just race those tracks with whatever series was running them that week. Lot's of options. You don't need all the tracks to race and have fun. Lot's to do and to get good requires a lot of practice, so most people (me included) can't focus on more than 1 series at a time anyway. There are always people faster, so I end up practicing and racing one series just trying to get better and better in that series. If you race 2 series at once, you won't do as well in either..., so often I focus on one car and one series at a time and with races 7 days a wekk I'm plenty busy.

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  7. Thanks Jack (Bauer??). The initial investment is a little more than I thought, but I guess I could ease into it, eg. I could get the Skippy and 5 tracks (giving me 8/12) for under $70 which is the price of a new Xbox game. I'll probably do a month trial in the rookie cars to evaluate the service before making a commitment though.
  8. Andrew, happy to help. :)

    Yeah, that's one way of looking at it. Many Xbox games I've purchased over the years get a lot of gameplay for a weekend or a week or month and then they sit on the shelf. I've been iRacing for 2 years straight with no let up in sight. Very different than my Xbox days. I guess sim racing has become my primary weekday hobby. It's still golf on the weekends though! :)

    Thinking more about my Xbox days. I might buy 1 game a month. Some would get a weeks play, some 3 months, but at the end of the year I'd have spent $60 or so times 12 for $700. Over 2 years that's $1,400.

    Plus, I had the $4-5 a month for Xbox Live. It was fun, but nothing had the staying power of iRacing. It's a deep simulation, that keeps getting updated and the competition aspect and history tracking makes it something for a sim racer that you can do 12 months a year.

    I guess when I compare by $400 in 2 years to the $1,500 or so I'd have spent on Xbox games and Xbox Live, it's pretty cheap.

    I think if you really are a sim racer, that races 6-12 months a year, it's cheaper than a ton of other things. Is it cheaper than rFactor and GTR2 etc? Nope, but in the big picture I'll pay $7 to $20 a month for iRacing. It's my hobby.
  9. If you do join make sure you use one of the promo codes that are scattered about to get a couple of bits of content for free.
  10. Really good point about the promo codes if you decide to try it out. It's a much better way to go as they usually include 1 higher-level car and a better discount.
    Here's one from iracing's web site that includes the Dallara Indy Car and the Indianopolis track, but there might be other's that are better...
  11. "
    Your membership registration includes the following promotion:
    3 month including the Dallara and Indianapolis - $32
    A discounted three-month membership including the Dallara Indycar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

    this is for indy promotion
    while for one month promotion it says:

    "Your membership registration includes the following promotion:
    1 Month Test Drive Special for New Members - $5
    A one month subscription to the service. Subscription will automatically renew unless you either created your account using PayPal or you cancel your membership in the My Account section of the website. Includes the cars and the tracks used by the Rookie Oval series and the Rookie Road Racing series."

    well what I would like to know do I still get rookie content with Indy promotion???


    ok found it, later it says:
    A three month subscription to the service. Subscription will automatically renew unless you either created your account using PayPal or you cancel your membership in the My Account section of the website. Includes the cars and the tracks used by the Rookie Oval series and the Rookie Road Racing series."

    anyway tried it but for some reason paypal paying does not work

    edit, after 10th attempt it worked, c u on track :)
  12. I finally pulled the trigger - signed up with the 3 for 1 code (3 months for $14). I've had a few races in the Solstice at Lime Rock so far, getting better each time. My next goal is to improve my safety rating and get into an open wheel car.

    Thanks again for the info in this thread.
  13. Go for it --- and have fun! :)
    It's pretty easy to increase your license once you get the hang of things and also watch your SR hits. It took me less than a week to get a D license, and there are some are some good cars and fun racing there.