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iRaceDash for Android phones

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Has anyone tried this out yet?


    Was "curious" :) this evening to try it out. Already have a SLI PRO display on my G27. But there are some extra data displayed besides the rev lights such as RPM, SPEED, Best Lap, Last Lap, Lap Delta, Oil, Fuel, Water and lastly Position and Lap Count.


    Cool thing is when you swipe the touch screen to the left there are two other screens displayed such as Pit Fuel and Pit Tires.



    Wondered what the + and - did and to my surprise touching the screen added or lessened the fuel amount for a scheduled fuel stop along with different amount of fuel ranging from no fuel to a full tank. Same thing with Tires. Touching the screen allowed you to add tires pressure or lessen the value. Pressing LF unchecked it and pressing it again checked it of course. This alone makes it worth it for those that do not have a button box which helps make pit stops easier.

    If one were to mount it on top of their G27 to see thru the wheel, it actually looks like you have your own virtual dashboard. So for those with an Android phone and have been interested in getting a rev display along with a touch screen button box for fuel and tires, should take a look at it. :)
  2. Sweet I have a cheap andoid pad that this looks just right for. Cost 50 quid from ebay. I'll post how I get on with it.
  3. Gary Allen

    Gary Allen

    I used the iracedash at Mid ohio the other week in the skippy race. Great little app, it was nice to have a lot of info on one screen but the most useful feature I found was the rev lights, knowing when to change gear at max revs stopped me bouncing off the rev limiter. Lap position and lap delta were handy too.
    Easy to set up and use. Would recommend.
  4. Gary, not sure if youve seen it but this gear sound mod does the job if you cant see your rev counter: Follow the link and find gearsound.


  5. Gary Allen

    Gary Allen

    Thanks for the link Steve, will try it out.
  6. Tried the gear sound mod that Steve posted. The "beep" you hear comes up just before you need to shift to the next gear. I know for me the SLI PRO rev display lights help get me into a rhythm on track and more of a visible cue when to shift. I could see myself using the gear sound mod while practicing/testing. Thanks for that link Steve :)