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Sell Invitation for ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo EU

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Dexter, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Dexter


    I have a invitation for ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo EU valid before 26.06.2015
  2. do you have one are they reliable
  3. Dexter


    I have preorder in ian. 2015 ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo EU and after 2 month I receive invitation
  4. Hello,

    I have been looking for an invite code for some time now. Is it still available?
    (Also Pm'd you)
  5. Well since the OP was already so kind to give away his EU key. Does anyone else happen to have one they aren't planning on using. I would truly be gratefull.
  6. Im searching for an Invitation for the Clubsport Wheel Base V2 EU. Does someone maybe has one left for me ? :)

    /e got one.
    Last edited: May 7, 2015
  7. I gave my invite away last November as I didn't have the funds, but now I think it'd be a great time to get back in to a hobby that I really enjoy, so does any kind soul have a EU Invite for a CSW Base V2?
  8. fikulek4


    Hi guys I looking for code to Fanatec V2 base if someone have please let me know here : 0403fikus@wp.pl Best Regards Grzegorz !
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2015