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Invisible Trees (sometimes)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by blackhatracing, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hi wondered if anyone can help.I've made my first map and when playing it on lan with 3 pcs one of the players couldent see the trees from rbr forest,it happened a few times but the strange thing was he could see them in the car rear view mirror..........yet the other two players with similar spec machines and the same video settings in gtr evo had no problems.I have hunted the forums but cant find anyone with the same problem,any help would be appreciated. (The only odd thing I have noticed on my machine is occasionally you can see the collisions texture,from collisions updated xpack....)
  2. I checked all the trees every one has collision off but still havent got an answer to the problem,anyone any ideas at all,its a good track but I dont want to upload it with a bug in it...
  3. If you speak about my xpack - after the final export you have to replace the texture with another one (it's inside the xpack, so unzip it temporarily). The one which is used for the collisions doesn't have an alpha channel, so it's still visible both in BTB and in the game. Please read a text file from inside the xpack for details.
  4. thanks martinez for the reply would I be right in saying after I have exported my track to legends and gtrevo then having copied the hat file I go into the C:\Program Files\SimBin\GT Legends\GameData\Locations\mytrack\tex and replace the collision.dds with the colision_replace.dds ? and do the same in gtr evo?though as far as invisible trees I never thought it was youre collision texture that was causing it,it was just occasionally I would see a flash of the yellow.The missing trees is only on my friends pc but strangely enough he can see them in the rear view mirror.I do hope someone might offer an explanation....Anyway thanks again.
  5. Yes, replace with the other, but rename it back to collision.dds. In other case you will get an error due to misssing texture, or the columns will be black in the game. The collision_replace.dds has added an alpha channel and the material uses alpha (or chroma, I don't remember), so it will become invisible in the game. Because the one you have in BTB project does not have the alpha channel, you can still see it in BTB.
    Luckily BTB does not care for alpha channels ;) , so the "dummy" texture does not cause errors in project.

    About missing trees - unfortunately, I don't know about rF nor GT Legends, but I saw some threads on that topic in the past.
    I'm 100 % sure the collision columns from my xpack don't cause this issue.
  6. thanks for clearing that up for me martinez I never realised you had to name the collision back to its original name......so thanks again.....