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invisible track in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by gv028, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I created two tracks in BTB, tried to merge them (wich looks OK in BTB), but when I export to RBR, I can drive one track, but can't even see the second one.
    Can somebody explain what I dit wrong?

  2. You need to draw a centreline so that it covers both tracks. Click on the 'edit start/finish positions' button then tick the show centreline box. For RBR I untick the fastline and pitlane boxes. Click on the append track button and choose your first track. The centreline will be drawn to the end of that. Click append track again and choose your second track. The centreline will continue on from where the first line left off. Delete any nodes that you don't need. You should now see the whole track in RBR and the total distance in the minidash will be correct.
  3. I'm not sure you need the centerline or fastline just to make a track visible; I use several tracks but not all of them are used, but they are both visible.

    If you still have a problem, open the track list window and make sure that both tracks have the 'Visible' tag applied correctly.

  4. Thanks a lot for the advise, I'm gonna try both solutions when I get home from work tonight. Let you know if it worked.
  5. Thank you both for helping me out of this: for sure, you have to check visibility of both tracks (or more), but setting the driveline as Sperger explained brought the second track visible. Maybe a tip: it's possible you have to flip a track 180°, because in my case the drivelines were pointing to each other, resulting in "wrong way" message. Depending in what direction you started drawing the track I guess.
  6. You can also manually adjust the direction by deleting points then adding them in the correct direction by Ctrl-clicking. One track that I am working on has 12 seperate pieces of road and 2 of those are driven on in different directions at different parts of the track. I found that out of the 12 roads I only append 6 to the centreline and a lot of the points are made manually. It takes a long time but it works really well.
  7. Sperger, thanks again for this great tip. Pleasure to have you on the forum.