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Invert Pedals Gone Wrong

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by vegaguy5555, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. vegaguy5555


    Hi guys
    It was raining yesterday so I thought I would have a nice relaxing afternoon inverting my old Fanatic pedals. Since I had it apart I thought I should put a spring in my brake pedal so I would have more range.
    I couldn't get it apart and broke the brake housing, lost two bolts and a screw. Five hours later and a few 'F' bombs I got it inverted, together and working.
    First, I can't believe it works and second, it works better than ever. The spring and inverting really was worth the trouble.
    Life is good right? Wrong! This morning I spill coffee all over myself and then I find out my IP address is banned from Kunos and I thought I was banned.
    I can't believe Kunos monitors this sight and let me know it was the IP address that change and I happened to draw a black number this morning.
    Thanks Kunos and thank you Racedepartment for taking me in.:)