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Introducing the 2012 FSR Fantasy League: Sign-up now!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Apr 28, 2012.

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    The FSR Fantasy League is back!

    I have the pleasure of introducing the 2012 FSR Fantasy League, a web management game based on the FSR Thrustmaster World Championship races, giving everyone the chance to feel the thrills of the top simracing league in the world.

    Did you ever dream managing your own Formula SimRacing World Championship team? You don't think you have the necessary resources, time or drivers to do it? The FSR Fantasy League is your chance! Sign-up, form your own team consisting of 4 FSR WC drivers plus 2 reserves within the available budget and start competing against hundreds of other managers from all over the world! Up to 4 of your drivers will score points based on the results of the FSR World Championship races. Now Bono Huis, David Greco or Morgan Morand could be driving for you!

    Do you think you have what it takes to become the champion? The FSR Fantasy League champion will win a Thrustmaster T-Wireless 3 in 1 Rumble Force Gamepad! Are you too far from the leaders or have you joined late? Don't lose hope, your winning chances are intact until the end of the season! Among all FSR Fantasy League round winners, we will draw a Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 Rumble Force Gamepad! Every round you win will earn you a chance!

    Sign-up for FREE at http://fantasy.formula-simracing.net

    For those who remember the 2010 edition, here's what's new:

    Competition Changes
    • Prizes! You can win two fantastic Thrustmaster gamepads!
    • Teams now consist of a Team A and Team B of 2 drivers + 1 reserve each (6 drivers in total).
    • Driver costs will now be updated after each round. Drivers will continue to cost each player what they did when included on the team.
    • Added new scoring chances: Overtaker, Top Ten, Hat-trick, Grand Slam, Fair Play.
    Website & UI Changes
    • New design based on the 2012 Formula SimRacing website.
    • Added Facebook sharing of Round Results and League Standings! You can now share how you are doing on the Fantasy League on your Facebook wall/timeline from your 'My Team' page.
    • Added more information for driver selection: Points, Races, Average, Best Race, Cost Delta.
    • Driver Statutes: Each driver now has a coloured Status column. This indicates the driver's participation status for the next race. Statuses are: Not allocated, Participation confirmed, Participation uncertain, Will not participate, Suspended.
    • Added Reset Password feature.
    • Lots of improvements and additions: Added Rules page, improved Latest News section, added Tip of the Day section, improved Drivers lists sorting and filtering, plus many other small and interal changes.
    You may already sign-up, create your team and perform driver transfers and swaps. Transfers will be unlimited until teams are locked for the opening round. The FSR Fantasy League competition will start on the FSR WC Spanish GP.

    Please read the Rules carefully!

    Do you need help, have a suggestion, a bug to report or want to give your feedback on the FSR Fantasy League? Visit the FSR Fantasy League Forum at RaceDepartment!

    I would like to thank David Dominguez, Simon Adebisi and all ISR Club/TOA members who participated in the Closed Beta period.

    Hope you enjoy the FSR Fantasy League, and... good luck!
  2. Less than 24 hours left to join the FSR Fantasy League and start competing in tomorrow's Monaco GP! Sign-up for free and win fantastic prizes!

    Teams will be locked on Sunday, May 20th 14:30 GMT! Until then, you may sign-up and perform driver transfers/swaps in time for the Monaco GP.

    Sign-up now: http://fantasy.formula-simracing.net/
  3. What's new?

    Website & UI Changes
    • Added Twitter sharing of Round Results and League Standings! You can now share how you are doing on the FSR Fantasy League to your Twitter followers from your 'My Team' page.
    • Added more information for driver selection: Teams % (Percentage of teams competing in the FSR Fantasy League that have selected the driver in their lineup).