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Intresting for the Cockpit-Cam Mods?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Met_fan, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Found this video in the Internet:

    May be it is interesting for the Cockpit-Cam Mod makers. The camera in the video is on the eye-level of the driver, he even had to drive the lap with one eye shut...

    So, this is the real view of an F1 driver...
  2. Camera is a bit too high. You can't see behind the car in rear view mirrors cause the angle is wrong.
  3. You can just decrease the Height of the cam and that can be the Perfect view for the Driving in the Cock-pit please modders make a Cam like that
    Thanx in Advance
  4. In my opinion in F1 2011 cam is close to cam from this video.

    Coulthard would say "LOL NOOB sitting too high".
  5. That's fantastic footage though.
  6. That's amazing footage. That angle in a race situation would be unbelievable. Think of Petrov's volley from that point of view. Or, even Schumacher/Hamilton battle from Monza this year.
  7. One thing though... why is it in the game or any F1 game for that matter, you can't see outside of the tub... I was shocked how much you could see regardless how slightly higher this camera was but the fact you could nearly see the base of the wheel to the road... yet see so much of the road with a quick glance.

    Ah, I see now. The angle of the aerials. The in game cameras don't have the head lean over... is that possible? even though in the game the head tilts with realcam, it's not enough but should be leaning... realcam in a way is like the gyro cam for MotoGP.