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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))

Tracks Interlagos 0.5

Bresil Interlagos track conversion by ACFL

  1. f1ligue submitted a new resource:

    Interlagos - Bresil Interlagos track conversion by ACFL

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  2. Hi m8 any chance of some video or screens , has the community love those things posted in the description , but mostly me too :p
    But I think it was you I spoke to last week on AC so it should be pretty good!
  3. Good work, I have made my usual first ride with the Abarth 500 and was realy please. First impression : light seems a bit too bright but on the second session I change the time of day for 17:30h and it was so much better.

    Once again good job and keep on tracking

  5. Thank you:thumbsup:
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  7. Very impressive work, well done and thanks.
  8. The first thing i had to say: ilove this track
    My respect for your work
    But now there are two things
    1) the colours are awefull, can you make it darker?
    2) we start in 2 weeks a little championship and need 24+ pits,
    can you add more pits, so we can drive it in our championship?
  9. f1ligue updated Interlagos with a new update entry:

    Interlagos V0.5

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  10. Thanks a lot for the very good work! Can't wait for v1.0! ;)
  11. Nice improvements over updates... please work on the public to make it more real and less 2-dimensional...
  12. First off, thank you for this great track.
    For me the colors are way to washed out, at some points I can't even see the track.

    Washout workaround: Edit both values in lightning.ini located in the data folder of this track to 55, it may not be realistic but being able to see the track is more important IMO.
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  13. v0.2 resolve many of the problems of brightness
  14. That's odd then, I'm running v0.5. I only wanted to give other people an option to reduce the brightness IF they found it to be to high.
  15. Any chances for updates?
  16. yes is programmed this month
  17. Cool ;)
  18. I started a little bit this morning I think finish before the official F1 race if I'm not overwhelmed by the rest of my work.