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Interlagos delayed due to issues with customs but there is a silver lining...

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. They are using the spare time to work on Oulton Park!! :doublethumb:

    It seems that although the iRacing team got to Interlagos to take the necessary pictures for texturing etc that team that does the laser scanning had their equipment stopped by customs and despite spendign a month trying to resolve the issue they gave up..for now. Hopefully they will get down there at some point but until then the team have been working on finishing Oulton Park. You can find out more in this thread at the official iRacing forums.
  2. Oh that is a bummer!!! I would have figured with that amount of equipment that they would have cleared this before hand. That way they new it was all coming and to expect it. Perhaps it doesn't work that way, I'm not sure...
  3. Well it's just odd they made it into Belgium, Britain, Holland, Canada and Australia just fine. Apparently they use the same people for track scanning outside the US so you'd think they would know what they needed. I guess every countries customs officials have their ways.
  4. Yes, and I'm sure some people like to be jerks just because they think they can too...
  5. Oh definately! I had a run in with UK immigration a few years ago. A friend I knew through an online game came to visit, good old Southern American who served his country in the airforce, left and was about to join the army a good all round honest guy. Because he was waiting to enlist he didn't have a lot of money to spend but it wasn't a problem he was goign to be stayign with me, all he needed was money for booze and cigarette's. Anyway I went to Gatwick with my partner to pick him up but immigration took it upon themselves to hold him back because he didn't have a full itinery even though I was there to vouch for him and in separate interviews we both gave the same outline of where we were going - visit to Duxford Air Museum etc as we were both aircraft nuts. It was about the time of the first Gulf War and some 'right on' lefties had a bit of thing about America and I swear thats why my mate was held even though I was there to vouch for him he was kept in a detention centre - basically jail conditions because this idiot woman in immigration thought he was only coming here to abscond and stay illegally in the country despite him asking her for a computer so he could show the emails he had from his recruitment officer in the army etc. It made my blood boil to think of the bogus asylum seekers and others who they let in from the third world yet here was a proud American, who served his country and was unlikely to want to stay here and they kept him locked up. We tried in vain for hours to get him free but they sent him home the next morning.
  6. oh that sucks!!!! Thats about right too... I think there are people like that all over the world, I'd just as soon throw them off a bridge as to try to talk to them... It's like talking to a brick wall...
  7. Sorry went a little off topic there, the flip side is of course we may well get Oulton Park early instead.
  8. Well that is still great that Oulton Park is coming but I sure hope interlagos gets back on track. I was really looking forward to it.. We have some really good things coming down the pipe in iRacing!!!