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Interior view only? no thanks

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Rob Shillito, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Why in the latest builds are we restricted to interior view only? whats the point in the fancy damage model if we cant see it because we are forced to use interior view?
  2. Hold the view button pressed for a moment, and the "camera group" will be cycled. The third group has the chase cam IIRC.

    There's a thread about it here.
  3. LOL :roflmao: Somebody didn't read the release notes. :D
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  4. There are 3 different view sets and a button can be mapped to change between these sets we actually have I believe 7 driving views and additional numerous external non driving views.
    Rather than just making some rash comment why not just try to help Schillito?
  5. ^ See posting #2...
  6. Too embarrassed to come back and say thanks? :D
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  7. The point of any damage model is not for one to stop driving, try an exterior view and admire the damage done by other drivers. You can always see damage in cars other than yours, which contributes to immersion immensely.

    As for restricting the view, it may seem odd and unnecessary, but they have their reasons. This is an ongoing project, restrictions are applicable when developers are fixing/improving/implementing things. Not to worry about.
  8. Will the final retail version allow us to use hood/bumper cam?
  9. Yes refer to my post here #4 there are many driving views to use. I really wish you were a part of it now just for the insight you could give us on the ECCI 7000 wheel and the setup of it.

    Anyway can you recommend a PS3 emulator?
  10. I really wish I were a part of it too, but I missed the boat and the knobs don't wanna open it up for new members so what can ya do? :/

    PS3 emulators? In my dreams!! :D Or do you mean PS2 emus? If so then there's PCSX2.
  11. Thanks for the reply. If it were not for a reason not of any of SMS' doing there is a good chance they would have allowed additional members by now but have their hands tied ATM in concerns to this. I myself was hoping to double my member status in regards to my tool pack level.
    Anyway hopefully they will be able to open up memberships again before release date.