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Interesting issue

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jason Dewhurst, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Been running shift fine all day, spent 6 hours mastering corners and career mode, took a break, went to play again and it keeps encountering problems, as soon as I am in a race no matter what track, its jerky appearing to not handle the gfx set im unsure why...as its been running fine on max settings most of the day.

    dual core 2.7gb athlon
    gtx260 geforce
    500gb hdd
    2gb ram
    vista 32bit
  2. Temperatures?
  3. temps are fine, however hdd light flashes eractic, and in task manager there is nothing listed thats using it...

    for example every item listed isusing 0-1 cpu usage on idle, yet resource monitor says cpu usage is 50%, its settled down now but still does it when it wants to.
  4. Sounds like something in Vista is doing something.

    You got indexing on?

    Done any virus scans recently? (what software to)
  5. fresh vista install doubt i have any viruses, whats indexing?
  6. I have took the user folder off indexing so hopefully it will speed it up, thanks.
  7. Jason what are your temps after a while?
  8. Wouldnt know, hwmonitor requires premium after 10 minutes so dont use it, havent found a freeware temp software yet, tried coretemp but it gave false readings.
  9. It's completely free, can have it running as long as you want.
  10. Yep, Jason it would help us if we could see your temps, normally one of the 1st things that cause probs.
  11. When I installed hwmonitor i got a pop up crashing my game saying hwmonitor can only run 10 minutes on free version.
  12. :embarassed::embarassed::embarassed::jaw:
  13. went into the pc shop today had a lengthy chat with them, and they said bring it in, apparantly it shouldnt be getting that hot and my ram should be displaying right.

    So looks like im going to be without net access for a few days.
  14. Sorry I missed your post and indeed 61c is quite hot for semi idle. I guess your cooler may not be seated correctly or something.
  15. Jason I agree with Damien, those temps are way way to hot for semi idle. Load temps will be in the 70/80's
  16. yup and it rebooots if im playing a high resource game sometimes.