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Installing again after windows rebuilt

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I have just rebuilt by computer and among the games I am installing again is GSD.

    I thought I downloaded a demo that I could activate, but apparently what I just installed is a 30 days/1 hour demo with limited cars and tracks. When I launch it it tells me to download the final version and there is no place for me to enter my serial number.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the original installation files, while I do have the update to 2012.

    Where do I go to download the GSD 2012 version I can reactivate?
  2. This is the page I downloaded my installation from, but after installing it I only have access to the Stock car (but I can see the other cars in the installation) and there is a launch window that lets me buy the game, but no place to insert my key.

    When I click on "buy" I get to the buy form where I cannot see any other option. it's possible I am missing something but so far I have not found a way to authorize my installation.

    here is what the screen looks like:

  3. The email you received from sales@reizasudios when you bought the game contains :

    1. download link
    2. your serial number

    Once Game Stock Car - is installed, run it and click "I have a Serial Number", online field, and Input the Serial Number above to activate your copy.

    If you install Game Stock Car - in a different environment, you will need to use your Serial Number to activate the copy again.

    The Serial Number you purchased is valid for three activations in total. If you run out of activations, you may contact support@reizastudios.com to request extra activations for your Serial Number.
  4. These are the emails I received when I bought GSC:

    email #1----------------------------------------------------------------
    Dear Corrado,
    Thank you for your purchase of:
    (1) - Game Stock Car - Full Version
    Your license key is XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX

    Start Game Stock Car - , click "I have a serial Number", online field, and Input this number to activate your copy.
    If you install Game Stock Car - in a different enviroment, you will need to use your Serial Number to activate the copy again. The Serial Number you purchased is valid for three activations in total.
    Should you have any questions please contact us at: support@reizastudios.com
    Reiza Studios Ltda.

    END EMail 1-------------------------------------------------------

    Email #2----------------------------------------------------------------
    Thank you for your recent purchase using the Plimus.com Online Store.
    Plimus is under contract with Reiza Studios Ltda. to process orders and collect payments.
    If you have any content-related or technical questions about the product, only the manufacturer can provide proper support, please contact
    Name: Reiza Studios Ltda.
    Email: support@reizastudios.com
    If you contact the seller, please be patient and allow them 2 business days to respond.
    If after two business days the issue remains unresolved, Plimus will be happy to assist you directly. To make a customer service inquiry regarding this purchase please visit:
    We have received and processed your order.
    Use the link below to request product support, see your order information online, retrieve your receipt, obtain an official invoice, request refund or to have your product/registration keys resent (if applicable), do not reply to this email as your reply will go unread:
    END Email #2----------------------------------------------------------------
    There is no direct download link, but I did see the Plimus link at the very end so I made a request through that one for a download link.

    EDIT: when I submitted my request at the Plimus servers, I got this:

    This product is no longer available for download, this may be due to the maximum number of allowed attempts exceeded or the allotted time.
    Please contact the manufacturer of the product for support.
  5. Looks like you've downloaded the 30-day trial version, rather than the full version (which includes an hour of free evaluation). The full version is available to download under "option 2" on this page http://game-stockcar.com.br/en/demo.html.

    I don't believe there's a full version listed on the downloads page, as that's intended to be for addons, patches and the demo rather than the game itself. There are three files to download - GSC2012_V110_Digital_Setup.exe, GSC2012_V110_Digital_Setup-1.bin and GSC2012_V110_Digital_Setup-2.bin

    Hope that helps.
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  6. Thank you. That;s exactly what I needed. I had no idea they had a 30 day triel and when I saw it I just assumed you could validate it but I got stuck.

  7. Ah my info was a bit out of date, but glad to see its sorted now! :)