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installed The V1.10 update; Your license file is missing

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by GallardoGT, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Well I get this popup after I installed The V1.10 update package:

    [ Missing License File: [ /!\ Your license file is missing. Would you like to browse for it? yes/no ] ]

    It's was very annoying to reinstall GSC2011(download version) on my updated pc, second install. First I had problems with AVG but solved. I created a map GSC2012 instead of GSC2012demo and it worked out to play the 2012 version. Then I installed the 'V1.10 update package' in the map gsc2012(what else) succesfully. After that I wanted to play and get the popup above.

    Ps, I also installed the V1.10 update package on GSC2012 when I had choosen for a map GSC2012demo but then it was still playable without the V1.10 update.
  2. Hi GallardoGT did you come right with this error?

    A friend of mine is getting the same error
  3. Tiens thanks for your compassion. No, I wanted to reinstal and do all toroughly once again but had no time for that. I saw a thread of one user hére, even from Brasil, but no answer either :speechless:
  4. have you emailed reiza about this? they usually respond within 24 hours.
  5. We came right last night :)

    What we did:

    1. I gave him the install files I downloaded (GSC2012_Digital_Setup.exe, GSC2012_Digital_Setup-1.bin and GSC2012_Digital_Setup-2.bin)

    2. He then installed the game with these files and then updated with the update to newest version.

    3. Entered his serial number

    4. The game crashed though with GSC.exe stopped working.

    5. he then moved the d9x.dll or something like that can't remember exactly out of the GSC2012 folder and could start the game

    Hope this helps?
  6. It's not working out, still too many questions. I hope somebody can make a very clear step by step manual, dummy proof. Think that will be a big challenge for the smart onces ;)