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Install vehicle mods?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Roger Snead, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I am a noob with rFactor. I need some help please.

    I finally figured out how to install tracks via winrar. Now I can't seem to do car mods. I DL a toyota car pack and did what i do w/tracks. I extracted w/ winrar and it made a file folder of the same name, just like for tracks. Normally for tracks I double click the folder and it comes up in a new page. I rt click copy and follw a path to Locations. Then I paste in Locations and all works great.

    But after extracting the car pack and I double click the new file folder it comes up in a new page as "Game Data" "rFm" folders and a readme and something else. If I open the gamedata and rfm folders a lot of other subfiles come up.....sound, etc.

    Could someone please explain from the beginning after I extract and and get the new file folder, step by step what I need to do.

    I know this will take some time and patience to type it all out in simple steps, but I will be VERY gratefull. It took me hrs and hrs and DAYS to figure out the 2 min process for the tracks.

    It can not be too simple, actually it has to be. As you can tell I am not PC savvy.
    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your time.
  2. "Game Data" "rFm" folders dis copy to rfactor folder
  3. Are you saying copy and paste these two files directly into the main rfactor file? (double click rfactor and paste?) What is dis in your instructions? Like I said I am a noob w/ pcs. Thanks
  4. Sorry dont understand ....anyone?
  5. sorry a was eway
    Are you saying copy and paste these two files directly into the main rfactor file? yes
  6. Ok, when I click on rfactor, then go to paste Game data ........ a box comes up and says...."there is already a Gamedata file, do you want to replace this file with the new file?"
    I'm sorry but it just dont seem right. Is that what I should do? I wont bother you anymore. I just dont want to screw anything up. Thanks
  7. yes there is already a Gamedata file klik yes en its dune
  8. Thank you
  9. I was not able to figure it out. I need some clear step by step instructions.....I have taken enough of your time. Thank you though. Maybe someone else can spell it out for me.
  10. No problem.

    What mod is it? What folder structure - from the top - does it have after you finish extracting it?
  11. Hi. It is a two car Toyota pack. After extracting and then double clicking the "new" Main Toyota folder, a page comes up with ....GameData(file folder) rFm (file folder), a readme(txt) and a Template(psd) Using W7 64bit
  12. So you copy those into Program Files/rFactor? Is this the way you did it?
  13. Yes, ...program files>>>rfactor and pasted, I think anyway it put GD in the original GD.....rfm in the original rfm. I have since DELETED all out. We can start from scratch with the files. I still have them.
  14. Decided to give it a go and hope i did not screw it up. Broke down all the different files and pasted one by one where they seemed would be right and.... BAM!! Success ;) YES!
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