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Input lag

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Tobias Nyström, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    bought this today, but think It undrivable due to inputlag. I got pleanty of FPS (40+)... Any tips?
  2. Lol, just check their forums, but be careful, dont be overly critical. See a few posts here for some advice.
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  3. I ask here because there's prob less fanboys ;) But seriously, it really undrivable...
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  4. I've had the same problem for much of the time I've been playing. To try and minimise it, maybe try lowering your graphics settings and turning off all post-processing effects. To my eyes, the game doesn't lose too much graphically when you do this (unless you lower texture detail - then it starts to look horrible!). Also try playing around with the Jitter Tweak setting - not quite sure what it actually does, but I've read on the WMD forums that it may improve things if it's at a higher value.

    I still have about 1/10th of a seconds' worth of difference between my steering inputs and the game's reaction, but overall it's at least drivable.
  5. Increasing jitter can only increase input lag, it's 0 by default. I have 30-40 fps and it's drivable for me, I even have one WR atm (not to boast, but to prove it's drivable for me). Do you have v-sync and pad filter disabled?
  6. I run this game on the lowest settings, and even at 70fps+ with vsync off I can detect what I think is input lag, either that or the cars/tyres are just slow to respond to steering. It's has improved a lot over previous builds but is still there, if I drive other sims/racing games back to back with this one it's quite noticeable although the devs will say there is no input lag anymore. but for me there clearly is some.

    Try lowering details for a higher frame rate 60+, it should improve things, also increase the jitter tweak value as if it's too low the graphics appear less smooth and jitter and the controls feel weird even at high frames. Try it at 35. This won't get rid of input lag but will help to minimise it.
  7. It's boat anchor physics.....
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  8. If you are so certain about that David, then how come there are people who aren't experiencing that?
  9. I mean when you turn in, it's weighted, then the rest of the car follows you, reminiscent of good ole S2U.
    It feels like it's on a slow to react pendulum.....it's like one long tailshaft connecting the front to the rear, and when you twist the front end, the rear responds in exaggerated fashion.
    The front can still go light as well, it's like the game just gives up on trying to maintain relative levels of FFB.

    It's quite obvious for me, so for those who claim not to feel it, I have no idea, hard to understand[G27]
  10. Most of the cars feel pretty decent now except for the Formula 68 car. It drives like it's powered and steered by an outboard motor strapped to the back . . . horrible.
  11. Last time I tried the F68 it had so few rear grip it seemed not realistic.

    Otherwise once you manage to get a good FFB by tweaking the profiler then most of the cars handle well.

    Since the beginning I have absolutely no input lag that I could notice. Maybe I am not enough sensitive since I'm not an alien...
  12. Most of the cars have magic brakes, feel lifeless thru corners, feel like they're in one piece{very little distinction between front and rear}, have terrible steering wheel precision/FFB relationship.
    This is off b166

  13. Have you tried changing the set ups at all? I think stiffening the car would help the weight shift.

    I can't really speak to the FFB though, I'm playing with a 360 pad. it's still a bit...off. For one the steering is just wacky, a tiny amount of steering input and you barely angle the car, a tiny bit more and your wheel is at 30 degrees. it seems to have snaps too, like 30, 45, 60, 90 degrees, I could just be imagining that though.
  14. The car/s feel the same/similair to the horrid Simbin F1 clone in their Raceroom nonsense, and the tragically bad 2008 BMW F1 for rfactor2{uninstalled}....no amount of tweaking will remove a fundamental defect of the physics model.
  15. Well if it's so fundamental, then surely I and others who enjoy pCARS should be feeling it too...?

    I don't mean to sound ignorant or inflammatory here... I'm genuinely interested as to why it feels okay for me and not for others.
  16. I have still the same as you. There is always some input lag.
    They are tweaking it every time and its better. But i dont think they are ever gonna get rid of it. Imo i think that it lays way to deep in the engine, otherwise they already would have fixed it a long time ago.
    Said this ones on their forum as feedback, but almost got banned for giving my opinion. Is crazy how they handle there customers who are trying to help..
  17. Who can say, it could be you're using a pad that works efficiently with this game, it could be that you just don't notice it, but it's there and obvious with my wheel.
    pcars is shaping up to be another tech demo for racing fans.
  18. I'm using a G25, which is not far off your G27.

    I'm actually really puzzled.
  19. I like the way PCars is heading but, I can't put my finger on it, but the handling seems wrong somehow. I'll keep an eye on it though.
  20. Vsync gives me noticeable input lag, no lag at all with it off.
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