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ingame FOV

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Steve Justice, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. is there anyway of adjusting the FOV while in a race ?. i have downloaded a classic lotus and the fov is too high for me.
  2. Fab #28

    Fab #28
    Powerboat racing in-shore driver #28

    Hi Steve,

    You can adjust partially FOV in car as you can watch in the following link

    ........but you cant change value of the FOV in "display section" when you are in car.........I hope it helps.
  3. ouvert


    Well Fabrizio that is not adjusting FOV .. just seat position .. completely different thing ..
  4. thanks for the quick reply,
    so i use the W,E,Q,Z. where in the game do i change the setting, can it be changed when i pull out of the garage onto the pit lane.
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  5. hex


    First of all what do you mean by "while in a race?".

    You can use either free cam look and "cam zoom out" button - but then any mouse movement will destroy your view, and you'll pretty much lose the race. Or you can use "Vertical FOV" in game's graphic settings. Or you can adjust in the .cam files those values:
    Fov=(49.000000, 49.000000);

    Oh jesus... :notworthy:
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  6. its my fault, i thought fov was same as seat position, all i want to do is alter my seat position and how to do it. thanks .
  7. i want to drive out of the pit garage onto pitlane and adjust the seat position, i want my driving view lower than the default setting in the lotus, the driving screen is way too high and pointing down too much.
  8. Yes you can move your seat anywhere on the track. And without wishing to cause an argument, moving your seat forward or backward WILL alter your field of view, just not to the extent that editing car files or changing it in menu can.
  9. thanks keith, what are the keys i use for the movement of the seat ?.
  10. ouvert


    np.. so in your control setting you have:
    adjust seat fore
    adjust seat aft
    adjust seat up
    adjust seat down

    map them to any keys you like (or use default preset) and you can use it anytime ingame you want .. and despite what has been said it will not ajust your FOV .. just possition of seat .. acctual angle of your view will remain the same (of course when you are closer you will see less of a car interior .. common sense, but FOV is still the same) ... you can change your fov in options before you load the track ...
  11. sorted............ thanks for all your input..
  12. Well, if you want to pedantic, we are all partly correct -

    The field of view (also field of vision, abbreviated FOV) is the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment, so it includes BOTH the angle and the width of the view, so moving the seat DOES alter the width, but not the angle.
  13. ouvert


    yes but by movig forward, backward, left, rigth, up, down you are not changing field of view .. you are just changing the composition of a frame... and since I work as a photographer I maybe see this thing different than you (i this case i have to say correctly :) i`m not beeing cocky) .. basicaly by changing camera possition you have the same field of view but since you changed your possition, the subject of a frame changed .. it is exactly like when you shoot with camera ;)
    Field of view in settings: acctual FOV, the physical quantity
    moving your seat possition: changing placement of camera

    by your definition, you could say that by driving on the track you are changing FOV ;) if I move car 1 meter to the front, it is the same as if I move seat possition 1 meter to the front in regards of FOV :)

    And I guess OP has his aswer so it doesn`t really matter ;)
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  14. Ah, what you say is correct BUT... you miss out one important point - I am talking in relation to the picture in the frame of the monitor, which restricts our field of view in the simulation world.
    So yes, if I drive forward, the view is the same, if I stand on the seat of my car, the view is the same, if you move around with your camera the view is the same, BUT, if I do it in front of my computer, the view DOES NOT stay the same because the view changes INSIDE the borders of the monitor.
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  15. ouvert


    :) yes .. view doesn`t stay the same .. but the FOV does :) I guess you don`t understand correctly what FOV accualy is ... you can`t change FOV any other way than accualy change the FOV parameter .. FOV is objective quantity .. just try it .. set FOV in settings let say to 47, keep default seat position, and than start to change seat position to the front (moving camera closer to the dashboard) .. and tell me what is the FOV at the end .. it is gonna be...tadaa ... exactly 47 :) and there is no way you could trick it or get any other result :)

    simplified picture bellow :)
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  16. And that is why we disagree, because your interpretation (which you say makes mine incorrect) is the mathematical 'angle of view' version used by a photographer, & if we were discussing the framing of a photo then fair enough, but it is not the ONLY interpretation of a 'field of view'. I apply it to the area that I can see in my monitor, and it is NOT wrong to do so. i.e, it is the extent of the observable world (not everything from my computer chair, only that which is within the monitor). Put simply, it is an 'area of view'. And it is why I said both are correct. Oh well, we will disagree, but never mind :)
  17. ouvert


    ok :) question was if FOV is changing by movig ingame seat, answer is NO
    if the question was if viewable screen ( frame, picture, what I can see on monitor,..) will change, than YES, of course, you moved closer so you can`t see things that get out of your field of view..
    .. setting correct FOV based on how far from screen you are sitting in real life is different question .. i get what you mean and I believe we can agree there is no point of spamming this thread ;) no bad feeling :)
  18. William Wester

    William Wester

    If you run triple screen, you will easily see that moving your seat will not change the FOV, FOV is very important/obvious using triple screens otherwise you get a very distorted view on the side screens. Technically, FOV and moving seat position has a "similar effect" in a virtual racing world - I agree with both of you!

    Swap a camera lens - 28mm to a 100mm - FOV.
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  19. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    By moving the seat forward, the FOV does NOT change! Look at the road, trees etc when sliding the seat forward: they do NOT change! Only the vision of dashboard, windows etc change, same like if you put your hand at 0.5 m distance of your face, and then you move it to 0.1 m. You see less of your hand, but you see exactly the same regarding the environment, walls, doors ... So NO, FOV doesn't change by moving your seat.
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  20. ouvert


    swap lens (change ingame fov) = change FOV
    make 2 steps closer to subject (change ingame seat possition) =/= change FOV
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