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Skins ING Renault F1 Team 2009 (Replaces Williams) 1.1

The Renault R29 and Drivers for F1 2014

  1. Great mod, i need a big favour please, could you send me the original "surface material" file and the original "ai driver parametre" file for F1 2014 please please?? Thank you
  2. Like the original f1 2014
  3. Few problems I noticed : (No insult , just want to help )
    1. The rear wing sides are fully red while yours isn't.
    2. The rear wing top is fully colored to yellow on the original car , yours doesn't look like the real thing
    3. The stripes doesn't line up together like on the real car. With more time spent on it I'm sure it would have been achievable.
    4. Misses some logos i.e : the logos on the nose sides (even if they would get mirrored it would look better if you would put them there ) . At least one side would look more realistic.
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  4. Yes please
  5. Some things are hard to do like the rear wing the mirroring effect is really annoying
  6. Yep but there's only 2 logo on the real car as well like on yours. You can easily make the whole rear wing sides red. Same goes for the rear wing top and back too which need to be colored into yellow.
    And in your case the rear wing restriction doesn't mean anything cause you need the total logo on the front wing sides and on the nose as well so in your case it came in handy.
  7. can you make renault from f1 2010 with Kubica and Pietrov for wiliams ? I think that looks amazing !