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Information regarding league

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2015 Tuesday Championship' started by SJM1337, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. SJM1337


    Hi all, I trust that you all read the PM from Ash stating our withdrawal from F1 2015 league racing and running this championship, I know it is a bit of a piss take that we started all these threads and signed you guys up but it really needed 2 pre-season races to realise Codemasters have scammed us again.

    Those are who are still interested in running in this championship can do so, all you need is someone to take over who will rename the championship something else, and you guys can start it off under that new leadership, please let me know if any of you is interested.
  2. Dominic Ollivierre

    Dominic Ollivierre

    Cheers mate. If still interested would love to still race tonight for the fun of it
  3. FinBoy


    what? When did you then start to this league? However, I would suggest their own opinion at the same time. Could the day of the competition to move into weekend evenings, for example, Friday or Saturday.
  4. Andrew Wood

    Andrew Wood

    That's not a solution. This Tuesday Championship has been a continuous entity since the days of F1 2010, so it's not as simple as changing the day. It's going to take a lot to resurrect this league, folks