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Indycar Series 2002 project

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by qwerty24, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. qwerty24


    I would like to re-create a indycar 02 mod similar to the indycar series game for pc by codemasters. It's quite an old game (2003) and it's impossible to extract 3d-models from that game.
    I'm not able to create 3d-models, but i'm able to create templates and put everythings into any platforms (rfactor, gtr2, f1ch, etc...).
    This mod will have only one car model, so, it's not a huge effort, if someone is interested to help me to create that 3d-models.....it would be nice!
    I don't need very high definition models, i need only the carshape, no cockpit or tyres.
    Unfortunately ther aren't any blueprints, but i can give some screenshots and images to help the modeler to reach a similar carshape (fortunately isn't so complex).
    I wait for a benefactor....;)