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IndyCar Mod?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Juen-Jen Wang, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, what is the best indycar mod? There's so many F1 mods that I would like to try a realistic IndyCar mod for once.
  2. CARTFactor :).
  3. CartFactor indeed. Also the Champcar mod is really nice.
  4. Uhh guys? CART is not IndyCar. The modern IndyCar started as a separate series in 1996 ;) But yes Rhys, I am looking for the modern (not CART or ChampCar) IndyCar.

    Is that mod good enough for pro league level Rhys?
  5. IndyCar is CART now tbh - there is no difference between the two now :D
  6. Well... yeah cause they merged =P

    But the 1996-2008 IndyCar was NOT in any way shape or form CART/ChampCar. Eventho CART used the name IndyCar before the legitimate split. I know it's confusing and you europeans have a hard time wrapping your head around it. But CART/ChampCar and IndyCar were two very different leauges with two very different talent (or talentless) pool of drivers. Also had different tracks and focused on different things. (George wanted IndyCar = oval only and was almost that at one point while CART/ChampCar actually wanted to get rid of the ovals in their schedule)

    But enough with the history...i'm looking for a very good pro league caliber 2009-2011 IndyCar mod. Is the link Rhys posted a legitimately good mod?
  7. It's not that good no.

    Us 'Europeans' had no difficulty at all understanding it thanks.
  8. Dont mean to be incendiary Ryan :p But every European I've talked to so far they've been like "ChampCar? IndyCar? Aren't they like... the exact same thing? So they merged identical series?" lol :p As both premiere open wheel series ChampCar (which was basically a continuation of CART) couldn't be more different than IndyCar.
  9. Oh come now - you can't say that IndyCar and CARt we're COMPLETELY different.

    That's like saying NSC and NNS are different.
  10. Champcar was so good. Used to love watching them on a Sunday evening:D.

    Was very sad when it merged and then died into IndyCar:frown:.

    Now that Sky Sports have it :)bad:)I've not seen any of the modern day IndyCar, but it sounds as though it's more like the original Cart series, just the cars are more evolved!!