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Released Indycar 1993 Skins for GSC2012

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Keith Windsor, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. This is a set of skins for the Formula Classics in Game Stock Car 2012. Please see readme file included for installation instructions. I know they are not identical to the originals, nor are they perfect - it was difficult to find enough pictures for some of the cars, and I had no luck at all finding a picture of Jeff Woods helmet, but they are hopefully still a close representation of the 1993 season. I made them for my own offline season & I'm happy with how they've turned out, but I thought others might like to use them, so here they are :) There is also a set of talent files, they seem to work pretty well, but feel free to edit them to your own tastes. I was asked to include a skin for the 1992 Indycar that Ayrton Senna tested, but honestly, it was actually Emersons car from 92 and it is almost completely identical to the #4 Penske which is in this set, so it was not worth duplicating it.

    Indycar 1993 Skins for GSC2012


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  2. Sweet! Gonna try them asap. Thanks!
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  3. Looks very good ingame too. My new favourites. Thanks again for your hard work Keith.
  4. No problem, I'm happy if they are useful to anyone else. One or two of them are a bit too shiny, as I cannot seem to master the alpha layer, but overall they look ok :) And there are some good circuits in the game to make an Indy season :)
  5. Nice work, Keith !
    Formula Classics' shape looks very good with IndyCars too :)
  6. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid
    Premium Member

    This brings back good memories of my back in the day sim-racing times, deff going to create a championship with these, thx :thumbsup:
  7. I realize that this skinpack is a few years old, let alone the subject of mid90's Indycar, but before I go and try it, I take it these won't be compatible with GSCE? - now that the game itself is changed a bit on the code-level.

    I'm asking because I'm on a Indy/CART binge, and I saw this mod over in the downloads section, and I'd like to run around in a few old skins for old-time's sake.

    Otherwise, what are the odds of seeing a GSCE CART 1995 version ? ;)
  8. Not sure if they will work with the current version, it is a while since I made these. Worth a try though - use a mod manager and then you can easily install and remove them if they don't work.
    I hope to update them for the latest version but I'm not sure when I will get time, I am currently preparing a 1988 F1 skins mod. :)
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