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indy car mod?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Austin Jordan, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. hey guys,
    watched the indycar series last night and thought "this could be a gtr evo mod". sure there is none so wandered if someone would take the challenge of creating this mod. i thought you could use a honda f1 motor with a changed f300 chasis using the chasis format of the dallara (showed on indycar.com) but i could be wrong. and i don't know if it has to be converted from a game. anyone think this can happen?
  2. So we have a Permission for Convert the Indy Mod from rFactor to GTR-Evo but our Modder is verry ill he has Problems with his Eyes and must get an Operation.
    So we cant say if we can Released the Mod.
    When a somebody have Time and can make this Mode please send me an E-mail or PM.

    Greets R-oi
  3. ok thanks. hope he gets better.
    gunthar you think you have time to give it a go and get legal permission since you made f1 2007 and indy is faster than f1?
  4. Not even close. If F1 ran ovals they would kill Indy. It's that damn left right left thing.
  5. No, F1 Cars dont top the 360 KPH!
    Indycars can drive more than 380KPH!!!
    But Indycars have got much less downforce than F1, so on Permanent circuits, the are much slower!
  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    But if an F1 car did run on an oval, it could reduce its downforce and get a higher top speed. Given the higher power and lighter weight, I'd put money on the F1 car going faster.
  7. yeah i been to a practice of the honda grand prix of st. pete in 08 since i live there and they don't seem really fast but a oval they really take off. to me they're faster than f1 down the oval but not road course. like to see a f1 vs indy car race at daytona. man would that be crazy... crazily dangerous
  8. R-oi, so you have permission, but not the modder? If so, I would look at the car... Normally I can get a single car in-game in an hour or two, than all the little bits takes some time + getting the physics to work as desired on Evo...
    If they would reduce their downfore to minimum, the would not reach more than 360 KPH!
    The Topspeed of an F1 Car was Montoya in 2005, with 372,6 KPH on a saltsea, with no downforce.
    And you have to remember, in 2005 the F1 had 3 Litres V10 with about 860BHP.
    Today the have 2.4 Litres V8 and under 800BHP!
    So they will not event top 370 these days ;)
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why on earth would you want ovals and indy cars in GTR Evo when there is tons of stuff already in rFactor and some outstanding oval games such as ARCA?
  11. bram there's ovals and good road courses in gtr evo aswell. rfactor has indy and a couple f1 cars. just because we don't have many ovals doesn't mean we can't have indycar. besides indy can run a lot more tracks than f1 because they're smaller and aceleration and handling is better. just because rfactor has it doesn't mean gtr evo can't
  12. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    maybe a nascar mod aswell as indycar if someone could get it done?
  13. nah again we don't have a lot of ovals. i only have around six. we could but there's no big point
  14. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    tracks in the game that i think would be good to race nascar/indycar on and i have atm [including mods]
    puebla oval
    watkins glen
    curitiba oval
    fuji '70
    kw speedway
    magny cours club
    silverstone national
    haiki forest
    monza 10k

    the list goes on so i recon that the mods would work very well if they ever get released tbh