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Indy 5 - The European Classic @ Hockenheim; 5/28/16; 9:45pm GMT

Discussion in 'Xbox One | RaceDepartment INDYCAR Series' started by Rob, May 24, 2016.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member


    The European Classic

    The Hockenheimring was originally built in 1932 using roads in the forest as an alternative to the Wildpark-Circuit in Karlsruhe, which became forbidden as a racing circuit by German officials. In 1938 it was renamed the Kurpfalzring and that name was used until 1947. The original circuit was almost eight kilometres long and consisted of two long straights with a long "Eastern" corner in the forest and a U-turn inside Hockenheim joining them together. In 1965, when the newAutobahn separated the village from the main part of the track, a new version of Hockenheim circuit was built, with the "Motodrom" stadium section. After Jim Clark was killed on 7 April 1968, two fast chicanes were added in 1970. In 1982, another chicane was added at the Ostkurve (east curve), and the first chicane was made slower as well. This version used to be quite large, with a very long and very fast section going through forests essentially consisting of four straights of roughly 1.3 km, separated by a chicane sequence, followed by a more tight and twisty "stadium" section (so called because of all the grandstands situated there). This made the setting up of racing cars difficult, since a choice had to be made – whether to run low downforce to optimize speed through the straights and compromise grip in the stadium section, or vice versa.

    NOTE: Each driver must use both Primary (black) and Alternate (red banded) for at least one green flag lap.
    Track: Hockenheim Classic
    Car: 2014 INDYCAR with [​IMG] Chassis
    Date: May 21, 2016
    Laps: 25
    OctoberDusk06 or Hammerpgh
    Day: Saturday
    Start Time: 5:45pm U.S. Eastern; 10:45pm BST; 9:45pm GMT (
    start of practice)
    Damage: ON
    Mechanical Failures: ON
    Tire Wear: 3X
    Fuel Usage: NORMAL
    Flags and Penalties: ON
    Auto Start Engine: YES
    View: IN CAR is encouraged, but not mandatory
    Assists: NONE
    Weather: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/Weather.aspx?location=GMXX1608
    In Game Start: 1pm; local
    Time Progression: 2x

    15 min. practice, followed by a 15 min. qualifying session, a 5 min. warmup, then race
    Fuel Capacity: Driver Choice
    Setup: Driver Choice
    Teams and Drivers - Drivers must not run the same number or livery unless unavoidable. First come, first served. Teams of two are permitted but no more than two.

    Reminder to: @Gustavo Sobrino @Robert Waddell @mcnasty1 @EpilepticToast @JeizUs @ABalazs_97 @Michael Watts @Braken99 @suddre @Matthew Booth @Peter Hooper


    Please Sign Up Below In The Example Format:
    1. Robert Waddell / OctoberDusk06 / #5
    2. Matthew Booth / Boothy116 / #28
    3. Peter Hooper / Hammerpgh / #7 (Brookes Automotive)
    4. Eric Cline / McNasty0421 / #3

    Championship Points:
    The INDYCAR Championship will awards points* as follows: 1st 50, 2nd 40, 3rd 35, 4th 32, 5th 30, 6th 28, 7th 26, 8th 24, 9th 22, 10th 20, 11th 19, 12th 18, 13th 17, 14th 16,, 15th 15, 16th 14.*
    * Pole position for each race (except Mojave and Nurburg) will earn three points.

    Penalties and Appeals
    All drivers who participate agree to adhere to the standards of driving that are outlined in the league regulations. In addition, the league rules, the racing rules of this website www.racedepartment.com apply here as well, and will preempt the league rules when the two conflict. They are incorporated by reference.
    Last edited: May 28, 2016
  2. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Robert Waddell / OctoberDusk06 / #5 (Schmidt-Peterson)
  3. hopefully in #5 PAIS
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  4. Peter Hooper / Hammerpgh / #7 (Brookes Automotive)

    Had a quick run here last night and struggled badly... best was a 1:50 and the top AI were around 1:47 and that was at 93%.

    Primary were not too much slower than alternates but boy do they bring a less comfortable feeling car with far more chance of mistakes as a result.

    I am not quite sure why I am off the pace but do think I am struggling for acceleration out of the chicanes. I seem to remember I had a similar issue in the Lotus 25C when we raced @EpilepticToast but was able to make up for it around the rest of the track. I've tried briefly to adjust the gears but did not notice any great change so any other advice you guys have would be appreciated :thumbsup:
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  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    I also struggled pretty bad. I think the inherent problem of more downforce vs. less which is particularly bad here is not a problem for the A.I. lol. It's as if I just have to throw away speed in one for the other. :unsure:
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  6. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Was able to get up to 305 kph on the straights. DF was 5/4. Ride Height was key, though, as I cranked it up to 50/55 and could go even further. I'm not sure it's reality, but raising ride height really does boost speed and doesn't seem to kill cornering, so you can boost your DF a bit.
  7. I was getting up to abt 185 mph when I had my run out there the other day, that was using 6/5 but will probably add some df to see if it helps through the chicanes.

    What times were you getting Rob?
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
  8. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

  9. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    297kph is what that is. Ack! I need my mph back! lol. You are pretty close, since I was maxing at 305. I could probably go faster in qualifying, but then you start to compromise acceleration big time. The A.I. still beat me through the chicanes, unless we are talking about the third one, which seems to make them crash. :O_o:
  10. This one is yours to take then, I had another run last night and still couldn't get under 1:52 for some reason. I'll tag along for the ride and hope to pick up the pieces if the chicanes take their toll of the field.

    Don’t think I've ever been that far adrift so think this is just one of those that I can't seem to get.
  11. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    It's not driving here. It's 90% tuning.
  12. Like I said I'm clearly just not getting it... I could fly here in the Lotus 25... had a cracker against Nic and Boothy in that series and grabbed the win but in this car something just ain't working for me lol.

    I'll take it on the chin and look for better next time out.
  13. mcnasty1


    Crap I need to do some laps tom morn what r we shooting for 147 s 150 s
  14. mcnasty1


    Rob your 147 isnt posted on tt leaderboards
  15. The race is tonight Eric ;)
    I'm struggling majorly here... 2 runouts at the track and unable to get a decent time in.

    1:52 is my best :/
  16. mcnasty1


    Eric Cline/McNasty0421/#3
  17. mcnasty1


    Yea I tried to post that yesterday.lol im goingto have zero practice but im going to do a few laps before work
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  18. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    No that was done in practice. I'll get something on the leaderboards today.
  19. I thought cut off was midnight ESTlast night... at least according to the sign up blurb? Ok well if we're not sticking to that I may get the chance to get another run at it then. Not that it'll make much difference lol.
  20. I can comfortably do a 1.50 but nowhere near Rob.