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Indonesian Red Bull Helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by yoshikanji, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Custom Indonesian Red Bull Helmet.
    Works with or without fin.
    Will replace gen 41.


    Click here if link doesnt works.

    Indonesian Red Bull Helmet
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  2. why indonesian???
  3. it's simple, because i'm Indonesian. :)
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  4. aha it confused ... cause i expected a indnesionian layout or something like thi ... but its your own layout .. aha ...
  5. no, i modified the standard redbull helmet and put Indonesian flag on top of it, an put some red and white colour on it's body.

    my next i will make with batik layout. :)
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  6. really cool, like Mclaren one ;)
  7. mydriaz


    I like this one too.
    Thank you.
  8. Looks fun and neat to use even if you're not from Indonesia. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Yoshikanji, your helmets are amazing!

    Can you do 2 Helmets for me? I need Felipe Massa helmets for McLaren and Red Bull (2012)

    Please Help! (sorry for my ugly english)
  10. i see someone is has made th mclaren ver.
  11. Yoshikanji, can you make for me the Felipe Massa Helmet Red Bull 2012. I need this last one. Please, help!

    This would be much appreciated.

    Best regards.

    (my inglesh is desasterrific, sorry)
  12. hmm, mybe i will make it next, after i finish my custom monster energy helmet. ;)
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  13. Yoshikanji, thanks man!
  14. Great looking helmet. I have still one question. How do you do those awesome preview pictures? Do you use Photoshop or what? Cuz if I display my helmet with ML2166 3D template in photoshop, it looks kinda dull with no "shine" on it. And no "floor" ike you have there. So a simple question made long :D but hope you get the point. Awesome designs, all of them ;)
  15. i just render it with ray traced on photoshop cs 5
    and for the reflection, just make an object wall and floor.
  16. It should be "Kratingdaeng" instead. :p
  17. Yoshikanji, :sleep: udah bangun dari tidur lamanya yah, selamat datang kembali Bung! ;)

    Good job, teruslah berkarya, ditunggu skins car nya!!! :)
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  18. begitulah kira" :D

    still WIP :sneaky:

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  19. Even if I am greek I love your indonesian helmets...