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Individual nodes and track width

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by gs83, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Working on my first track, have watched all the videos and theres a couple of things i stil cant figure out:

    - How do i change the width of individual nodes? I can only change the width of the whole track.

    Also i have a question about terrain. Im working on a street track and i have huge sections just filled with terrain, would it be ok to lay some 'escape roads' over terrain or would this likely cause problems?
  2. You just have to add some "width node", as you say, in width tool, with the "+" and you can specify a width for each node.
  3. Many thanks!
  4. You can lay the escape road on top of the existing terrain and it won't cause any serious problems. From some angles the terrain might show through because the polygons are so close and the renderer doesn't know which to draw first.

    You could delete just the terrain polygons that would be under the escape road, place the road and give it 1 panel of terrain on both sides. You could then merge the new terrain anchors with the anchors left over from the original terrain.
  5. Thanks. Ive completely deleted the terrain to make it less complicated (will do that later on). The main track is 'closed' and ive added the esape roads using single straight peices of 'open ended' road and matched them pretty close together, that should work ok, right? It will be an rfactor track and they will simply be for turning around and whatnot