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Discussion in 'Racer' started by 2o6, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. 2o6


    How do you get them working?
  2. ??? do you mean turn signals?
  3. I'm sure he does, as far as I know there was sound implimented but never really a model per-say, not sure how to make them even work either.
  4. it would be nice to have blinkers in 3d, like brakes, lights, reverse lights...
  5. You know that dials with "is3d=1" set can be applied everywhere? The only drawback is that they would not be curved, just planar rectangles.
  6. ok, we can aplly it on lada. 3d is a lot practical. Nobody wanna lose one whole day to set in view.ini this feature.
  7. I Don't quite understand - as you have the 3d model, you also have some coordinates. So the hard part is the scaling. I wouldn't know where to lose a whole day. Should take an hour or two... (that's what I recall it took me on the golf cltc mod)
  8. ok, a experienced user of view.ini can do in one hour we can say... and using the simple 3d, like brake lights.dof, anybody can do in........ 5 minutes? and the result is a lot better. Dont need scaling, fixing, adding multiple parts to simulate a curve. and cars with curvy rear lights like newer peugeots?

    btw, i wanna only show you the faces, not to offense. Just remember few time ago, we didnt have reverse lights in 3d, but it was available with a mix of codes in view.ini. I Can count in my hand who used this feature..
  9. Couldn't you also implement using the flares like on the headlights .....some Porsche Cayman S has has the flares. In the .ini......at the beginning, and if you set it up, they would work...right? I don;t know about the blinking part.....maybe a duration in the views .ini......:confused:
  10. i know i put turn signals turned on in my inis/flares. But i wanna mean about blinkers, the setup can be in the car ini. and the model,shader and tex in 3d.dof.
  11. ok, I wanted to be sure...but I am too scared to try it-lol!